If you’ve ever explored a map of Banderas Bay, chances are you’ve identified Punta de Mita as the uppermost tip of the bay. This dramatically pretty peninsula with absolutely exquisite beaches and sweeping views of both the bay and open water has always been a popular weekend escape from Puerto Vallarta. But since the Four Seasons and St. Regis resorts opened a few years ago in the adjacent master-planned resort and residential community called Punta Mita, it is also attracting the attention of jet setters and those seeking the good life—many of whom arrive in their own planes. Next to Punta Mita, three contiguous villages, Emiliano Zapata, Corral del Risco and El Anclote serve as contrast, with their traditional Mexican feel.

Interesting tid-bit is how Mita got its name. It comes from the town of Emiliano Zapata, the first actual town in this region, and its just a shortened version of its name. I guess people got tired of the seven syllable version of the name and cut it down to just two and came up with “Mita”.

Getting There

Driving to El Anclote from Puerto Vallarta takes approximately an hour along Carr. 200 Norte, taking the Punta de Mita/La Cruz exit right after Bucerias. Public transportation is also available from Walmart across from the Puerto Vallarta Maritime Terminal.

Culture: Arts, Music, Cuisine

Like many small communities north of Puerto Vallarta, Punta de Mita features a little bit of everything, with El Anclote serving as the “town,” host to a number of small shops, art galleries and restaurants located along Ave. El Anclote, a broad promenade that runs parallel to the bay and beaches. The culinary diversity is spectacular considering the size of the town, and many restaurants will gladly prepare a special dinner for you, with the catch you captured on a fishing trip earlier in the day!

Two important local community organizations, the Punta de Mita Foundation and PEACE, are located in the area.

Neighborhoods & Neighboring Regions

The largest town of any consequence south of Punta de Mita is La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Northbound, the road through Litibú provides easy access to Sayulita and San Pancho.

Landmarks, Sights & Activities

El Anclote in Punta de Mita is the best gateway in the bay to a host of aquatic activities that include surfing, fishing, diving,whale watching and paddle boarding. In fact, some of the best fishing in the bay can be enjoyed near El Anclote, and a number of vessels available to position you at the ideal spots for you to enjoy a good catch, and many of the local restaurants will eagerly grill it for you afterward!

Punta de Mita is ideal for whale watching during the winter months, and a number of providers offer tours that take you out toward the Marietas Islands, a protected refuge.

Punta Mita, the 1600-acre, very private and exclusive resort located in Punta de Mita, offers 9.5 miles of beach front and uninterrupted views. The Four Seasons and St. Regis resorts, beach clubs, villas and services located within are the ultimate in luxurious comfort. If you are not a guest of Punta Mita or hold a reservation at one of its restaurants you will not be permitted access to the resort itself, security top-notch.

Available to Four Seasons and St. Regis guests and members, the two Jack Nicklaus Signature Design golf courses located within Punta Mita are truly spectacular. One of them, called Pacífico, is home to the acclaimed Tail of the Whale, an optional hole on a small islet accessible by an amphibious golf cart during low tides.


  • Check out any of El Anclote’s beachfront restaurants, for a relaxing feet-in-the-sand dining experience.
  • Try paddle boarding! The tranquil water is ideal for it, and several businesses that offer instruction and equipment rentals are eager to hold your hand.
  • If driving to Punta de Mita for the day, consider taking a loop by heading through the road to Litibú, then to Sayulita, and returning via the main highway (Carr. 200). This will allow you to take in several towns in Riviera Nayarit on a single trip.


  • Punta Negra, just north of Punta de Mita, serves Boutique Hotel Casa de Mita, along with other residences located along the beach. Great for walking.
  • El Anclote, ideal for enjoying any of the eateries located next to it, along with surfing, kayaking and paddle boarding instruction and equipment rental.
  • Emiliano Zapata, a peaceful beach with no amenities, best reached by vehicle as it is a considerable walk from the highway.
  • Destiladeras, not in Punta de Mita per se, but a beautiful day-trip beach, with enough amenities to keep you comfortable and enough room to walk along the surf for long distances.

Where to Stay

  • The Four Seasons or the St. Regis resorts in Punta Mita for the ultimate luxurious and exclusive getaway.
  • There are several lodging options in El Anclote, from budget hotels to the prestigious Hotel Cinco.

Real Estate

Zapata and El Corral del Risco have a few small boutique condominium projects along the waterfront and mostly single family dwelling behind. El Anclote Beach, in El Corral del Risco, is the most active area, lined with beachfront restaurants and a couple of small hotels. Its a popular place for people to go to the beach for the day, at is provides excellent access to the bay and the Marietas Islands. As well, its a favorite place to see the whales during high season.

Punta Mita is a gated, residential real estate mega-development consisting of 1,500-plus acres property that encompasses the northerly point of Banderas Bay. There are two luxury hotels at Punta Mita, The Four Seasons and the St. Regis.The Four Seasons offers full-time Four Seasons Villas, with the services of the Four Seasons hotel, as well as offering a fractional component as well.

Punta Mita real estate involves luxury homes and condominiums situated along the beach, golf fairways and on the hillside behind the Four Seasons hotel, with prices starting at around one million USD, providing some of the most expensive real estate in the region.

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