Design by Paola Arellano: Creativity and Elegance in Handcrafted Clothing

Jorge Chávez
Jan. 19, 2023

Design by Paola Arellano is a project headed by Paola Arellano, a fashion designer who found in Vallarta · Nayarit the ideal place to give life to this handcrafted clothing brand.

Originally from La Piedad, Michoacán, Arellano arrived in our destination during 2007. The following year, she made the decision to focus on what she is truly passionate about: sewing and textile design, skills that she had already begun to explore since childhood under the mentorship of her mother, María Eugenia.

Design by Paola Arellano

Paola Arellano modeling one of her handcrafted dresses.

“I’ve always liked to dress differently, so I love to create clothes. Initially, I made my own pants, which were bloomers. Soon, my friends became interested in what I was doing and asked me to make clothes for them, so I started producing and marketing them. Then, I created more designs and unique pieces, all focused on comfort, but with a different style. This way, in 2017, Bloomers, my first clothing brand, was born,” says Arellano.

Bloomers were the first pants for women. Its name comes from Amelia Bloomer, the American suffragette, editor and advocate of women’s use of these clothes to move more easily, because, although it sounds incredible, any kind of pants for women were forbidden at that time. All this happened in 1850.

Design by Paola Arellano

As time went by, Arellano improved her sewing and design techniques, so a natural evolution was on the horizon: “After five years, my finishes began to take on another level. So, with the idea of taking a leap towards an elegant style and in conjunction with my friend Rita Grant’s fashionist vision, in 2022 I finally launched Design by Paola Arellano.”

Design by Paola Arellano

Design by Paola Arellano is a brand that only uses linen and cotton to create feminine garments such as dresses, pants, jackets and jumpers, among others. One of its main distinctive features, in addition to the elegance cut and sewing, is the embroidery: “Embroideries are made between my mother, my sister Maru and I. They’re minimalist, because they’re formed by a single line of thread—it is as you were drawing without lifting the pencil—. In the past, our embroideries were only faces, but now we have implemented those with fillings and/or figures of vegetation. I like to give freedom to the clothes, but at the same time, I want them to be natural and always based on art.”

Design by Paola Arellano

Another Design by Paola Arellano’s distinctive feature is they can customize the garments through specific embroidery: “We have made portraits based on a photograph. In addition, if client requests it, other sentimental elements can be added to the composition.”

When asked about one of her proudest experiences as an entrepreneur, Arellano shares: “I love when people who have already bought from me come back and ask me what new lines I am working on. Obviously, their confidence in my work has been an essential part of my professional growth.”

Design by Paola Arellano

Visit Design by Paola Arellano’s Facebook page or Instagram account to know in detail the designs of this Puerto Vallarta-based artisan clothing brand. Also, you can contact her by calling to (322) 229-2650 or by email at .

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