• Amadeo

    Amadeo's Bistro

    Paseo de La Marina 3951 L9, Marina Vallarta • Tel. (322) 209 2196 • International
    Amadeo´s Bistró offers the best flavores and a unique space in front of the golf course and a lake.

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  • Añejo Limón

    Añejo Limón

    Basilio Badillo 229, Emiliano Zapata • Tel. (322) 222-1110 • International
    Añejo, meaning aged, imports and dry ages their beef in house. The restaurant feature a spectacular outdoor garden, patio bar, where you will find one of Puerto Vallarta's most creative menus.

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  • Archie´s Wok

    Archie´s Wok

    Francisca Rodríguez 130, Emiliano Zapata • Tel. (322) 222-0411 • Asian
    Since 1986, Archie´s Wok has been legendary for serving original cuisine influenced by the exotic flavors of Thailand, China and the Philippines.

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  • Barcelona Tapas

    Barcelona Tapas

    Matamoros & 31 de Octubre, El Centro • Tel. (322) 222-0510 • Spanish
    Ideal for sharing as a couple or with friends, appetizer-sized servings of Spanish flavors are prepared with the highest quality local ingredients and a bird’s-eye view of the town and bay.

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  • Barrio Bistro

    Barrio Bistro

    España 305, Versalles • Tel. (322) 222-0339 • International
    In the midst of Puerto Vallarta´s happening nightlife scene, this inviting South Side eatery offers up generous servings of flavorful international food and drink.

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  • Benitto’s Paninoteca

    Benitto’s Paninoteca

    Paseo de La Marina 121 L-21, Marina Vallarta • Tel. (322) 209 0287 • International
    Delicious panini, good wine, salads, personality, soups, breakfast, coffee, desserts, music, martinis, friends and an overall 100 percent original concept makes this eatery a must visit in Puerto Vallarta.

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  • Bistro Teresa

    Bistro Teresa

    Zaragoza 160 4th floor, El Centro • Tel. (322 113-0281) • International
    Bistro Teresa started in 2009 by Laura and Marisol in a small location off of highway 200 in Amapas as a restaurant that offers new and exciting culinary creations in a intimate setting.

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  • Bravos Restaurant Bar

    Bravos Restaurant Bar

    Francisco I. Madero 263, Emiliano Zapata • Tel. (322) 222-0339 • International
    In the midst of Puerto Vallarta´s happening nightlife scene and just a three-minute stroll from the town´s primo beach, this inviting South Side eatery offers up generous servings of flavorful international food and drink.

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  • Café des Artistes Bistro Gourmet

    Café des Artistes Bistro Gourmet

    Guadalupe Sánchez 740, El Centro • (322) 226-7200 • International
    After more than two decades of history, Café des Artistes, proudly still gives the opportunity of experience the most traditional gourmet living at Puerto Vallarta to Mexico and the world.

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  • Champions Sports Bar

    Champions Sports Bar

    Our Puerto Vallarta hotel, CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa, lets you enjoy sports excitement and a delicious American menu with flat-screen televisions and two big screens to offer viewing of all of your favorite sports. Satisfy your hunger and watch the game. Champion's Sports Bar lives up to its theme of “Good Sports, Good Times, Good Food.” Enjoy the experience of watching your favorite sport on our 21 flat-screen TVs and 2 giant screens while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

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  • Chocobanana


    14 Delfin, 63734 Sayulita • (329) 291-3051 • Breakfast and Brunch
    The original Choco Banana began in 1991 with choco dipped bananas on the Sayulita beach, in a cooler. In the years following, Choco Banana has become part of Sayulita history and has grown up to become the heart of Sayulita.

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  • Coco Tropical

    Coco Tropical

    Basilio Badillo 101, L-6, Emiliano Zapata • (322) 222-5485
    In a splendid beachfront terrace, this elegant bistro café offers traditional European cuisine.

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  • Coco´s Kitchen

    Coco´s Kitchen

    Púlpito 122, Emiliano Zapata • Tel. (322) 223-0373 • International
    Coco Iñiguez earned her well-deserved reputation creating memorable breakfasts at other restaurants prior to launching her own, several years ago. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, her venue is popular among those looking for an airy, yet intimate environment to enjoy international cuisine.

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  • Cocos Locos

    Cocos Locos

    Av. Fluvial Vallarta 279, Fluvial Vallarta • Tel. (322) 2241613 • Seafood
    Seafood restaurant featuring dishes served in coconuts, with a secret sauce.

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  • Cuccoo’s Market Bistro Cafe

    Cuccoo’s Market Bistro Cafe

    Basilio Badillo 229, Emiliano Zapata • Tel. (322) 222-2598 • International
    This innovative restaurant joins many others along Basilio Badillo St., but stands aside due to its creative menu featuring Tuscan flavors.

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