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4 Ways to Exercise with your Pet

By  Vallarta Lifestyles
Aug. 4, 2020

The advantages of having a pet include health benefits that extend beyond just improving your mood. In particular, dog owners can choose healthy activities to share with their loyal companions.

Exercising with your faithful friend outdoors is the ideal motivation to get moving in a fun way. Following are some activities and places in the bay area to try with your new partner, remembering to comply with hygiene protocols and carry a plastic waste bag (just in case).

Jogging or Walking

Touring the city on foot is one of the best options, as most dogs love to walk and it allows you to take in the destination’s attractions. If you or your pet are unaccustomed to this type of activity, start out by walking for just 15 to 20 minutes and then gradually increase both the pace and duration.

Where to go: Río Cuale Island, El Centro

Bike Riding

If you want to go faster and your pet is in good condition, cycling could be the activity that suits you best. To ensure safety for both of you, consider a WalkyDog bike leash.

Where to go: Ciclovía Nuevo Vallarta


This classic dog game is ideal for the beach. Throw the Frisbee and watch your dog catch it in the air. Most dogs will have difficulty getting it right in the beginning, so you can start by throwing a ball.

Where to go: Parque Lineal, Fluvial Vallarta


Swimming is one of the best exercises for you and your dog because it works a lot of muscles with little impact on bones and joints. Whether swimming in a pool or the ocean, remember a life jacket. It is important to take breaks and hydrate frequently, and avoid ingesting pool or ocean water

Where to go: Emiliano Zapata’s beach (near Punta de Mita), Riviera Nayarit

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