5 Little Towns that Will Take You to the Old Mexico

Plan a weekend road trip and depart from Banderas Bay to one of these towns full of history, folklore and...
5 Little Towns that Will Take You to the Old Mexico

5 Puerto Vallarta Breathtaking Sunsets

Discover why our destination is appointed as an exceptional place to see the sunset.
5 Puerto Vallarta Breathtaking Sunsets


Pulque is a drink of pre-Hispanic origin that is made from the fermentation of the mucilage (popularly known...

6 Places to Drink Coffee in Puerto Vallarta

Coffee is an essential drink to start the day. It helps us to wake up and provides the energy we need for the...
6 Places to Drink Coffee in Puerto Vallarta

7 Seafood Taco Stalls in Puerto Vallarta

When the most Mexican dish (tacos) is prepared with seafood, our palate enjoys a series of fresh flavors...
7 Seafood Taco Stalls in Puerto Vallarta

The New Wave of Illustrators

Born, raised or educated in Puerto Vallarta, these illustrators seek to express their inspirations.
The New Wave of Illustrators

Puerto Vallarta: A Stage for the Urban Arts

Taking a stroll along the Malecón in the afternoon is like crossing a stage full of urban arts.
Urban Arts

5 Beaches in Vallarta · Nayarit with Beautiful Crystal-Clear Water to Swim

We have an intimate connection with water. We live in a blue world and more than half of our body is made up...
Colomitos Beach

Hand-Painted Signs in Puerto Vallarta: An Ancient Art Present on the Streets...

Hand-painted signs in Puerto Vallarta can be appreciated on several streets and facades of businesses and...
Hand-Painted Signs in Puerto Vallarta

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