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4º Vallarta Surfcasting Tournament Announced

The 4th Vallarta Surfcasting Tournament will take place on May 30th, 2021 at Dorada Beach, better known as the Malecón beach.
4º Vallarta Surfcasting Tournament

Essentials of Our Destination: Haute Cuisine Restaurants

Vallarta · Nayarit is home to a great diversity of restaurants that offer everything from the typical dishes...
Haute Cuisine Restaurants

US Airlines Increase Flights to PVR

During the month of May, 14 airlines will arrive in our destination, making an average of 47 flights per day.
US Airlines Increase Flights to PVR

5 Vallarta · Nayarit Surfing Spots

Water temperature, impressive waves and variety of beaches make Vallarta · Nayarit an ideal destination for...
Vallarta · Nayarit Surfing Spots

Puerto Vallarta Leads Mexico’s Tourism Recovery of Beach Destinations

In Mexico, beach destinations are leading the tourism recovery. Among them, Puerto Vallarta stands out due to...
Puerto Vallarta

Guadalajara Los Mariachis Spring Training in Puerto Vallarta

Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Convention Center is the headquarters for the preparation and conditioning of...
Guadalajara Los Mariachis

5 Traditional Vallarta · Nayarit Snacks

Sampling a variety of Mexican dishes is one of the most highly recommended things to do by any visitor to...
5 Traditional Vallarta · Nayarit Snacks

The Friendship Fountain: Symbol of the Close Relationship between Puerto...

“The Friendship Fountain” represents three dolphins that symbolize the two cities (Puerto Vallarta and...
The Friendship Fountain

Presenting Vallarta · Nayarit – New York Flight

This route will start operating between January and February 2022.
Presenting Vallarta · Nayarit – New York Flight

Puerto Vallarta: One of the Most Popular Mexican Destinations to Visit in Summer

Travelers from California, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, just to mention those...
Puerto Vallarta: One of the Most Popular Mexican Destinations to Visit in Summer

6 Things Everyone Should Do in Vallarta · Nayarit

Whether you are planning a visit to our destination or are already in Vallarta · Nayarit, we recommend you...
Things to Do in Vallarta · Nayarit

Places and Experiences that Make Old Town Vallarta So Special

The Vallarta Lifestyles editorial team presents some activities you must include during your next visit to...
Old Town Vallarta

Essentials of Our Destination: Cultural Walk through El Centro

Without a doubt, the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta is El Centro, where some of the city’s main cultural...
El Centro

Islas Marías: Seeking to Become A New Riviera Nayarit Landmark

As of July 2021, the Islas Marías will be opened for visitors as part of an inclusive and environmentally...
Islas Marías

Mozzamare Celebrates the Malbec World Day

Mozzamare Casual Beach Gourmet will host a special celebration dedicated to Malbec World Day, which will take...
Mozzamare Celebrates the Malbec World Day

Puerto Vallarta Welcomes New Flights, Hotel Expansions and Cruise Itinerary

Thanks to easy-to-follow entry and exit requirements and increased connectivity, a Puerto Vallarta vacation...
Puerto Vallarta

Presenting the Live @ La Bufa of San Sebastián del Oeste

DJ Abraham Moreno has just released a live session recorded at the top of La Bufa mountain in San Sebastián...
Presenting the Live @ La Bufa of San Sebastián del Oeste
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La Cruz de Huanacaxtle: Style and Tradition

Perhaps its name can be difficult to pronounce, it offers a relaxing alternative, with a good number of restaurants and a vibrant music scene.
Aaron Fisher

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