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Alejandra Wulff: Sustaining a Great Legacy

By  Iñigo Alkorta
Aug. 22, 2018

With more than 22 years of experience in real estate, Vallarta native Alejandra Wulff met us in Punta de Mita to talk about her love of the destination and how this personal passion extends beyond her work.

Her grandfather, Guillermo Wulff, was one of the destination’s pioneering developers and is considered responsible for putting Puerto Vallarta on the map, bringing celebrities such as John Huston, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. In addition, he had the vision to build in areas such as Gringo Gulch, Mismaloya and later was one of the first to venture into Marina Vallarta (key to Puerto Vallarta as an international destination), with projects such as the Club de Tenis Puesta del Sol and the golf club, as well as the construction of El Anclote. He is also credited with having had the vision to develop what would later be the prosperous Punta Mita.

Alejandra was with her grandfather for many of these milestones, working side by side with him and learning the keys to the real estate industry, but above all sharing his love for the city and his vision of the destination’s great potential.

Alejandra Wulff: Sustaining a Great Legacy

Cheerful, very active and sociable, she gets up early every morning, beginning with crossfit to start the day off with energy. When she returns home, she talks and has breakfast with her two children, Alexis and Santiago, before heading to work. She says that the commute to prestigious real estate company The Agency Punta de Mita, where she works as a sales agent, is a pleasure, affording the opportunity to admire the bay that has given her so much.

“I feel very fortunate to work in this agency and be part of the lives of my clients. In a sense, I am working as their collaborator, to help them realize they should stay here, that they can have a part of this paradise. It fills me with pride when clients tell me that I have made a change in their lives in some way, knowing that I have fulfilled my part as an ‘ambassador’ of the destination by convincing more people that living here is the best decision they will make in their lives.”

A great lover of travel, fond of sailing and painting, she always finds something to do in this city. “I like to be busy. If I’m not working, I go with my family or friends to walk in the bay’s wonderful natural places, to try new restaurants or to do some new activity.”

Being a native of Puerto Vallarta, what memories do you have of your life here?

“I have practically lived my whole life here, and I remember a very happy childhood, surrounded by nature and the sea. Also, I feel that my grandfather, a great lover of Vallarta · Nayarit, instilled in me from a very young age the love of this destination and its great attractions. I remember that from a very young age I began to work with him and to share his vision of a destination with great potential.”

What things have changed in Puerto Vallarta?

“I have seen how it has ceased to be a small town to become a great international tourist destination. My childhood was spent in El Centro, still with its characteristic brick houses. As people came from other places to enjoy this paradise, they built large houses overlooking the sea. And later came the boom of condominiums and the expansion toward Riviera Nayarit. The destination has adapted to its own growth, and its infrastructure has evolved so much in these years that it continues to attract the most important investors.”

What are your favorite places in the bay?

“I love Litibu, because it has a divine beach where you can walk and walk, appreciating the horizon in its immensity. But there are impressive beaches throughout the bay, such as Destiladeras to the north and the beach of Sierra del Mar, Las Ánimas and Mayto to the south. I also love the Romantic Zone; I feel that is where you can still see the essence of authentic Puerto Vallarta and also enjoy boutiques and the best restaurants. It is a very vibrant and cosmopolitan area, where people from many places and lifestyles come together. I also like to make a trip to San Sebastián del Oeste from time to time, to enjoy its tranquility and cool climate. For lunch, I love going to Barrio Bistro, which is a delight, offering different dishes on each visit, or El Barracuda, where I enjoy the seafood and the best sunsets in the city.”

When you have visitors in the city, where do you take them?

“In Vallarta · Nayarit there are so many landscapes, restaurants and activities for all tastes that whenever friends or my clients come, I take them to different places. For example, the Punta de Mita area is perfect for those who like to surf, play golf, observe whales or go sailing—something I love—. Sometimes, if my visitors are very adventurous, I invite them to try a canopy tour, where you also observe nature in its full splendor. As I love the Romantic Zone, I consider it essential to take them to that part of the city and give them a taste of Old Vallarta, to walk along our beautiful Malecón and enjoy some of the best restaurants in the city. To eat, we never miss a visit to Sí Señor in Punta de Mita, with its delicious catch of the day and refreshing margaritas. If my guests are partiers, at night I take them to the classic Andale, to have some raicilla at Bar Morelos in El Centro or to Luccas, a place I recently discovered in the Marina.”

Finally, what makes Vallarta · Nayarit so special?

“Vallarta · Nayarit is a piece of paradise on earth, where you have everything you need to be happy, from the simplicity of its natural surroundings, to the best infrastructure and services. Its unique landscape, where the mountains meet the sea, an incredible climate where you can go to the beach all year round in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, and a thousand activities: watersports with some of the best waves in the world, horseback riding, walking, cycling or golf on incredible courses. You can stay in a simple cabin on the beach or in one of the most exclusive hotels in the world, and if you reside here you can live in a vibrant area like Olas Altas or a tranquil and exclusive area like Punta Mita. You can enjoy all kinds of restaurants, go shopping; the possibilities are immense! Whether they are retired or working, I always tell my clients that here they will enjoy a quality of life like nowhere else. Tell me, where else can you live and carry out your daily activities—work, go to the supermarket and so on—but feel like you’re on vacation every day?”

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