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DÚO Cocina: An Elegant Twist to Classic Flavors

By  Jorge Chávez
Apr. 6, 2021

Founded in December 2020 by the young chefs Vanessa Jiménez and César Flores, DÚO Cocina is a boutique culinary project that features delicate flavors, smooth textures, attractive presentation and quality ingredients.

“After having lived and worked in some of the most demanding restaurants in CDMX, we made the decision to return to Puerto Vallarta to follow our dream of operating our own kitchen”, shares Jiménez.

“When analyzing our options, we decided to focus first on fine pastries, which little by little is opening the way for us to be able to reach our core concept: a small restaurant where we can offer the comfort food style, that is, the freedom to serve the food we know how to cook, accompanied by a good beer or an exquisite natural wine”, adds Flores.

“We see DÚO Cocina as a concept that stands out for offering very sincere and simple specialties, but at the same time very playful with the blend of flavors.”

During our visit to their kitchen located in Ixtapa, Jalisco (one of the Puerto Vallarta’s delegations), chefs presented the DÚO, a delicious specialty composed of an elegant Tiramisu and a Red Fruits’ Napoleon Cake.

“Our Napoleon Cake doesn’t follow the traditional recipe, we decided to prepare it with a cream made from nata and Greek yogurt. The puff pastry has a sweet taste, but also salty because it is caramelized. It is decorated with fresh blueberries and raspberries,” explains Flores.

“For the Tiramisu we use the classic mascarpone cheese cream, but instead of using the soleta, we decided to give it a twist and make it with my favorite cookie called Lotus, which is of Belgian origin. It is decorated with abundant cocoa,” shares Jiménez.

More DÚO Cocina specialties include the DÚO Cookies (baked with almond pieces, sesame and lots of large chocolate chips), as well as the macarons (chocolate, matcha, salted caramel, creamy yogurt, raspberry, strawberries with cream and coffee, among other flavors).

Every week, these talented chefs host a special promotion and on Saturdays and Sundays they offer burgers made with brioche bun, beef, caramelized onions, gravy, and cheddar cheese. They are served with French fries with Parmesan cheese.

DÚO Cocina is committed to the environment, so its containers and boxes are made with 100% biodegradable and reusable materials.

Chef Vanessa Jiménez
Before returning to Puerto Vallarta to found DÚO Cocina, Vanessa had the opportunity to work in the kitchen of Pujol, which is considered by many as the best restaurant in Mexico.

Chef César Flores
For César, the Meroma restaurant in CDMX was his watershed both personally and professionally, as his experience in this kitchen was totally enriching to create DÚO Cocina.

DÚO Cocina operates with home deliveries throughout the bay (extra charge) and/or at strategic points in both Puerto Vallarta and Ixtapa.

DÚO Cocina
(322) 274-2308
FB: @duococina

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Jorge Chávez
Chief Editor

A fan of docuseries and a food lover who is always in search of coexisting with Mother Nature.