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Gadgets to Enjoy the Summer in Vallarta · Nayarit

By  Jorge Chávez
Jul. 3, 2019

One of the best perks of visiting or living in Vallarta · Nayarit is the broad array of outdoor activities available that are great to share with family and friends, as well as for staying in shape.

With 62 miles of coastline, Banderas Bay provides the ideal backdrop to explore the Pacific Ocean’s sky blue waters aboard a luxury yacht and practice diving, snorkeling or sport fishing. If you are looking to do something that is more laid-back, you can lounge next to your infinity pool while you enjoy your favorite tunes or read this week’s bestseller.

You are most likely already doing this and much more. Nevertheless, we would like to suggest a few gadgets that will undoubtedly enhance your experience as you enjoy your activities of choice.

To Share the Experience…


Capture your Banderas Bay adventures with this innovative camera that combines sophistication, ease of use and ultimate enjoyment:


  • GoPro HERO7 Silver | GoPro App

Weighing only 94 grams, the GoPro HERO7 Silver is considered by many as the most versatile video camera in the world. It has stabilized 4K video captures, GPS, 10 MP images, voice control, touch screen and ability to shoot vertically. It has built-in Wi-Fi and comes with a 10-meter water-resistant case.


The GoPro App will help you process your footage, with features such as remote control, live preview, wireless updates, and instant social media sharing, allowing you to share your lifestyle effortlessly.

For Fitness and More…


Enhance your training in our destination and monitor how your performance gradually improves.


  • Moov Now

This light —45 gram— fitness wristband has been compared to a wearable coach and can track all your physical activities around the bay, such as running, fitness training, cardio-boxing, walking, swimming and cycling. The Moov Now also keeps track of your overall movement throughout the day and monitors the quality of your sleep. Its powerful battery requires charging every six months, and it features iOS- and Android-compatible mobile apps.

  • Babolat Play Pure Drive

If you’re looking to take your tennis game to a new level, this 10.6 ounce, 100 square inch head size racket is all you need. The Babolat Play features a sensor in its grip that tracks each and every movement, providing feedback on your ball serve speed, direction, number of swings (forehand, backhand, serves, etc.), topspin, play time, resistance, technique, consistency and power. In addition, players can compare their progress thanks to a USB or Bluetooth-compatible sync to a smartphone, using the Babolat Play App.

  • Deeper-Smart Fishfinder

Your fishing gear is not complete without the Deeper-Smart Fishfinder, a wireless sonar designed to find the location of fish, for the benefit of fishing buffs all over the bay. Its dual-beam sonar has a range from 1.6 to 130 feet and can also provide water temperature, bottom contour and more. You can attach it to your fishing rod or vessel. Weighing only 100 grams, this innovative device remains operational for four hours between charges and features iOS and Android apps.

For the Lifestyle…


Friends and family gatherings will never be the same without any of the following gadgets.


  • Instant Wine Chiller

In a climate such as Vallarta · Nayarit, it is possible that by serving a delicious glass of wine in the afternoon, the liquid is a little warm. If this is your case, consider the Instant Wine Chiller, a device that attaches to your bottle, bringing wine to the perfect temperature, around 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • June by Netatmo

Whether you are relaxing at the beach or by the pool, keeping track of the time you spend exposed to sunlight is a sensible idea. To accomplish this Netatmo has created June, a clever bracelet-shaped device that measures ultraviolet ray exposure, preventing premature skin-aging. Real-time notifications indicate precisely when you should apply your favorite sunscreen product, and the SPF level you should use.

  • Kindle Oasis

For days in which immersing yourself into a good read is essential, the Kindle Oasis—one of Amazon’s latest E-readers—is ideal. It has a tapered design and more elegant profile than before. It is also lighter, weighing only 130 grams, but feels strong in your hand thanks to an ergonomic grip and a frame infused with metal, using structural electroplating. A new Paperwhite screen with a 300 ppi display offers crisp, laser-quality text and better lighting. It has a battery charge that lasts around two weeks and it’s available in three colors: black, merlot and walnut.

  • SteakChamp

Friends and family gatherings to enjoy a delicious meal outdoors will not be the same again with this useful gadget. To show off your grilling chops, you should consider the SteakChamp, an LCD thermometer that will help you grill a perfect steak every time with three colored LEDs that identify rare, medium, medium-well and well done cooking times for beef, salmon steaks, duck breasts and large fish.

Summer, beach and pool are terms we don’t usually associate with tech and gadgets. However, today’s technology can enhance your lifestyle, allowing you to make the best of your time spent in Vallarta · Nayarit.

Jorge Chávez
Chief Editor

A fan of docuseries and a food lover who is always in search of coexisting with Mother Nature.