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Manyana: A Modern Approach Made in Mexico

By  Alexis Velasco
Jan. 3, 2019

The first time the Vallarta Lifestyles’ editorial staff approached the clothing and home goods line Manyana was at the beginning of 2017, while we were putting together a special edition on some of the best beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Costalegre. While strolling around Sayulita (Pueblo Mágico), we were captivated by its attractive design and one-of-a-kind products. Inside, we met Ed Flandung and Marcia Vara, owners, who kindly explained the concept of their establishment. A few weeks ago, we met again, this time at their recently inaugurated branch located on Carranza street in Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone (one block from Basilio Badillo street), where we learned more about their new offerings.



This clothing line is made in Mexico. Flandung, originally from New York City, explains: “Our approach is to offer products of very high quality in low quantities. The fabrics we use are imported, some come from places like Portugal or Japan. We want to develop a line completely made in Mexico, for Mexico but also to export.”

According to the creative mind behind Manyana, the following words define the brand: quality, superb touch and feel, and comfort. Among the products available are t-shirts, shorts, shirts, pants, caps and leather accessories.


Other brands

For several years, Ed Fladung and Marcia Vara have built a network of collaborators and designers that likewise work with Mexican artisans and who showcase their creations at Manyana store.

“When we started the store project about two years ago, we wanted to have other products from people I know and do very interesting things. More than collaborators, they have become our friends.”

For instance, the brand Zii Ropa that features very contemporary linen garments; Dulce Armenta, a minimalist line of swimwear for women inspired by dance and nature; Seea, an Italian designer focused on surf swimwear made of textiles with fun and feminine patterns; Diario Fabrics, textiles and home goods made in Oaxaca; Entre Nudos, a line of hammocks made in Mexico and Dolce Utopia, porcelain home products. In addition, the eyewear brands Sun Buddies and Mascot are also available.

Manyana and the brands that can be found at the store represent an eclectic and high-quality selection but also promote fair trade. Working with artisans, these collections use old production models to create more modern and unique pieces. Within the establishment, everything has its own place, everything flows.



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Marlin 18-8 / Sayulita, Riviera Nayarit.

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Carranza 263 / Puerto Vallarta.

Alexis Velasco

Mexican food lover, performing arts enthusiast and sunset hunter with green tea in hand.