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Michael Yoelin: Puerto Vallarta is a Place Ready to Give You an Incredible Gift

By  Jorge Chávez
Jul. 17, 2018

Michael Yoelin is proof that a successful career does not always preclude a full personal life. With an adventurous and curious spirit, he did not hesitate for a second when he was presented with the opportunity to live and work in Puerto Vallarta, a decision that he says changed his life forever.

Originally from Southern California, Yoelin is vice president of sales and marketing for prestigious real estate developer Grupo HEVA. With more than 25 years of experience, before moving here he had already been a real estate broker in four states, carrying out several successful projects.

In our intimate chat, “Miguelito” (as he is known among neighbors and friends) shares what brought him to the destination, what makes Puerto Vallarta unique, his favorite places and activities, as well as how this place can transform you in an unimaginable way.


Arrival in Vallarta · Nayarit

Yoelin arrived in Puerto Vallarta more than four years ago, at a time when he needed a new job and personal change.

“At that time, I was at a stage where I wanted an extreme change, something totally different from what I had experienced. By chance, Carlos Vázquez and David Herman invited me to join Grupo HEVA. It was perfect timing and the ideal opportunity, both professionally and personally. Of course, that risky decision was my best choice.”

Yoelin notes that before moving here, he had never visited our destination before. “I have always liked Mexico. When I was a teenager, my friends and I would take a Volkswagen Transporter and tell our moms we were going to Dana Point, California. However, we continued driving south, beyond Tijuana, and camped out. It was a lot of fun. My attraction to Mexico continued with my subsequent trips, mainly to Baja California, but later I discovered that there is no other place like Puerto Vallarta.”

He fell in love with our city at first sight. “I arrived in October, toward the beginning of high season, and the temperature was very pleasant. However, my biggest surprise came the following year, during the summer: the humidity, the tropical storms, the water running through the streets. I love it; it is my favorite time of year! But what really impressed me was that special aroma unique and inherent to Puerto Vallarta. I do not know how to explain it, but it has a fragrance that makes you feel at home.”


Favorite Spots and Activities in the Bay

Despite his busy schedule, Yoelin enjoys Vallarta · Nayarit to the fullest, beginning at dawn. “I have a lot of work, with many appointments and the phone constantly ringing. So, I have never been someone who has the day scheduled; I try to squeeze the most into the hours to find the ideal balance between my personal and my work life. I start the day with yoga or meditation, to concentrate and awaken my senses. Whenever I can, I go to the ocean, near my house, and practice paddleboarding. I like to be in contact with nature at dawn, watching the sunrise without anyone around, enjoying that absolute serenity, and seeing the city and the Sierra Madre mountains from the sea, another perspective,” he says.

He notes that from north to south there are a thousand places to visit and activities to enjoy, as well as many restaurants and theaters, but jokingly admits, “In winter, I try not to go to those places much. I prefer to visit them when there are not so many people. Our destination has impressive world-class culinary experiences, and I am a foodie who loves unique flavors, from tacos to foie gras. I love Bistro Teresa, Tintoque and lately Porfirio’s. The nightlife is also great, and when it is a special occasion, you can have fun with your friends and end up having breakfast at sunrise.”

However, what Yoelin enjoys most is the destination’s magnificent natural environment. “I love being in the ocean, whether practicing a sport, sailing or contemplating natural beauty, especially on the South Shore beaches. In fact, when family and friends visit me, I like to take them to Boca de Tomatlán, Mismaloya, Quimixto or Yelapa, so they can have a unique and different experience. I love Casitas Maraika. I think that area has a lot of magic, since it is always an adventure in the middle of nature and cannot be reached by car.”


What Makes Vallarta · Nayarit so Special?

“It is a place ready to give you an incredible gift, a destination that has remained true to its identity. Puerto Vallarta lives at its own pace, quiet but vibrant, which reminds us not to take life so seriously and to give importance to the little things that really matter. It is a place where the community coexists in harmony with nature. When you experience the magical spectacle of the sunsets, you realize it.”

Regardless of all the destination’s attractions, Yoelin emphasizes that what really makes this city special is its people. “When you walk down the street and see the taco guy, the juice lady or the boy washing his car and they say ‘good morning’, it is not just out of politeness, but because they really want you to begin your morning well. That sense of belonging is something that no longer exists in our cities and countries of origin. That warmth, honesty and authenticity is the essence of ‘patasalada,’ an energy with which you connect instantly and that makes you feel at home.”


Recommendations for Future Residents and Visitors

Finally, Yoelin extends an invitation to those who want to enjoy the magic of living in a place like Vallarta · Nayarit with an open mind and an adventurous spirit.

“There are an infinite number of exciting things to do in this city, but expecting things to be like they are in the United States or Canada prevents people from really experiencing the magic of this destination. Let the city transform you as it transformed me. The true essence of Vallarta and its connection with the community is its own rhythm of life. A different language, customs and culture, as well as their particular ways of doing things, make it unique. Do not be frustrated by it; on the contrary, adopt it and make it part of your life. It is an experience that will change you in many ways. I invite you to maintain your capacity for wonder and curiosity, to live without pretenses, to get away from the ordinary and explore as much as you can, without making a detailed plan. In the end, you will see that everything was amazing and unexpected… authentic!” he concludes.

Jorge Chávez
Chief Editor

A fan of docuseries and a food lover who is always in search of coexisting with Mother Nature.