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New Year’s Eve: At Condo or Out?

By  Jorge Chávez
Dec. 28, 2018

New Year’s Eve is one of the most important and anticipated celebrations. It is a time for pondering and imagination, a time to share with loved ones as we close a cycle and welcome a new one. It is the definitive moment to take stock of, and honor our lives, a time for family, where the closest friends are also essential to strengthen ties that inspire us to become better people every day.

Our city lends itself beautifully to enjoy this awesome celebration. Just about every hotel and restaurant in town puts together amazing themed parties with multi-course menus for all tastes. If your choice is going out to celebrate the arrival of the new year, 2019, we advise contacting your venue of choice ahead of time to make sure that they will be able to accommodate your reservation.

Needless to say, this is not the only option at your disposal. If you are here to enjoy the Winter season at your Puerto Vallarta condo and you have previously celebrated New Year’s at a restaurant or other venue, you can also consider the local option of choice: go to the Malecón on December 31 in the evening and you will find yourself surrounded by thousands enjoying the view of Banderas Bay along with the performances of many outdoor artists entertaining the crowds during the last party of the year. Things become increasingly cheerful as midnight approaches and people begin to settle at the best location possible to enjoy the longest fireworks display of the year, taking place both in front of the Malecón and at many hotels scattered throughout the bay, casting a glow over it like no other.

While both options are appealing, you may also be considering a low-key New Year’s Eve celebration at home, to share with those close to you more intimately. Should you choose to be the host of your own celebration, there are a few considerations you may want to keep in mind:


The Party… Living Room or Terrace?

When it is time to organize this great family reunion, the proper ambiance is essential: space, lighting, decoration, choice of music—and volume—are some of the key elements that can transform an ordinary evening into an extraordinary one. Make sure to take these into consideration, along with the spot in your condo where your guests will feel most comfortable during the gathering.


Preparing Dinner… Unforeseen Surprises

Many folks enjoy the pleasure of cooking for others, but putting together a large production for many guests involves way more ingredients and preparation than usual. Take all the time you need to plan your menu and stock all the ingredients you will need. Keep in mind that the more you plan your menu and beverages ahead of time, the less likely you will be to resort to last-minute panic purchases.


Rituals, Entertainment, Decorations and Restrictions

As a gesture of appreciation to your guests, sometime prior to the celebration you may consider asking them about their own New Year’s rituals and traditions, along with any special dietary restrictions that must be considered. In doing so, you will be able to organize your party without any unexpected snags. Do not forget to shop for the usual New Year’s Eve novelties, such as cardboard hats, plastic shades, whistles, streamers, blowouts and confetti to create a festive atmosphere. One of the best shops in town to purchase party goods is Party Land, on Fluvial Vallarta 235, Fluvial Vallarta. You can contact them by calling (322) 223-3278 or on Facebook.


What About the Toast?

Although champagne is the beverage of choice to toast during New Year’s Eve, sparkling wines are also quite popular, and there are several venues in town where you will be able to purchase premium brands, including the following:



Fluvial Vallarta 276, Fluvial Vallarta
Tel: (322) 225-8980


La Europea

Paseo de la Marina 121, Marina Vallarta
Tel. (322) 221-3097


Vinos América

Américas 433, Lázaro Cárdenas
Tel. (322) 223-3334


The First Day of the Year

According to tradition, all the goals you set for yourself on New Year’s Eve should begin starting on New Year’s Day. If your goals for this year include improving your mind, body or soul, we invite you to peruse the January – March 2019 edition.


Whether you choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve at your condo, a luxury hotel or an exclusive restaurant, all of us at Vallarta Lifestyles Media Group wish for you to enjoy an unforgettable evening, starting 2019 feeling completely revitalized.


Happy New Year!

Jorge Chávez
Chief Editor

A fan of docuseries and an eccentric food lover who is always in search of coexisting with Mother Nature.