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Restaurant Week 2024: 20 Years of Promoting the Exquisite Gastronomy of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit

By  Jorge Chávez
May. 15, 2024

The history of Restaurant Week by Vallarta Lifestyles is intertwined with the evolution of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit as they have grown to become renowned culinary destinations. Since its inception in 2005, this festival has gained in popularity and reach, becoming one of the largest events and promotions of the culinary scene in our region.   

From May 15th to June 10th, 2024, the 20th edition of Restaurant Week by Vallarta Lifestyles will take place, an extraordinary event that attracts top chefs and restaurants and allows you to explore the culinary diversity of our region. 

In the following pages, the Vallarta Lifestyles editorial team presents some of the history that has made Restaurant Week become one of the most anticipated food festivals of the year. 

A Tradition of Taste and Variety 

The first edition of Restaurant Week by Vallarta Lifestyles was held on May 15th to 31st, 2005. It was created with the intention of emulating culinary festivals and events that took place in international tourist destinations like New York and London. It was originally intended to bolster the local economic during the last two weeks of a month that was traditionally considered low season. Currently, May enjoys a great deal of activity thanks to different annual events, and Restaurant Week is one of the most popular. 

Over the years, the event has grown, and Vallarta · Nayarit restaurants are proud to be part of this culinary experience. Because of this, a record was set in during the 14th event (2018) with 59 participating restaurants, inspiring Restaurant Week to extend its run by 10 more days to giving diners a greater opportunity to taste, enjoy and take advantage of this wonderful culinary festival. 

Since then, Restaurant Week by Vallarta Lifestyles is an extended event that runs from May 15th to June 10th annually. 

The 15th edition of Restaurant Week (2019) holds the current record for having the greatest number of participating restaurants, with 62 eateries being part of the event. 

An Unrivaled Culinary Experience 

The mechanics of Restaurant Week are simple but effective: the participating restaurants, which include many of the most prominent establishments in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, offer innovative three-course menus (with three options each) at a fixed price for the duration of the festival.

For this 20th edition, the menu price categories from which to choose are affordably priced at 459 and 575 pesos per person. These rates do not include beverages or gratuities. Participating restaurant menus are available at restaurantweekpv.com.

Today more than ever, these prices provide the opportunity to explore new flavors, new dishes, and find new favorite places to dine and experience. Restaurant Week is truly a celebration of culinary diversity and creativity.

Restaurant Week by Vallarta Lifestyles is a place for talented chefs to highlight and showcase their culinary offerings, where diners can find Mexican, fusion, Greek, French, Oriental, Austrian, Spanish, steak and seafood, among many others. 

20th Anniversary of Restaurant Week: A Celebration of Continuous Participation 

The success of Restaurant Week would not be possible without the enthusiastic support of the participating restaurants. Iconic establishments such as Café des Artistes and Kaiser Maximilian have been pillars of this event by participating annually without fail over the years, providing diners with memorable culinary experiences and promoting the gastronomic richness and diversity round in our region. 

Thierry Blouet, chef and owner of Café des Artistes, expresses the importance of the event for his restaurant: “From the diner’s side, Restaurant Week represents the perfect opportunity to come and enjoy (at a very affordable price) a restaurant of the category, prestige, and reputation that Café des Artistes has built over the years in Puerto Vallarta. And as a restaurant, it benefits us to participate in this culinary festival because we have the opportunity to open our doors and extend our concept to customers who may not normally visit us.”

Thierry Blouet.

Andreas Rupprechter, founder of Kaiser Maximilian, also highlights the value of Restaurant Week for the local restaurant community: “Restaurant Week takes place on strategic dates of the year, as it helps extend the high season for a few more days. The discount offered during the festival does contribute in increasing the number of diners to participating restaurants, certainly. We like to participate because we take the opportunity to present or offer dishes that are not necessarily on the daily menu and, based on how they are received, it gives us a guideline as to if we should later include them among our specialties.”

Andreas Rupprechter.

For Evangelina Sánchez, founder and owner of River Café, one of the restaurants with the highest record of participation in Restaurant Week, the festival is an opportunity to highlight the gastronomic richness of the region: “For us, this event is very important because it is held in conjunction with the local restaurant industry, all with the aim of promoting the culinary offer of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. Restaurant Week has a lot of impact and benefit, because by promoting the opportunity to visit and get to know more restaurants, the palate is pampered while the economy is activated.”

Evangelina Sánchez.

A Must-Attend Event for Foodies and Travelers

Restaurant Week has transcended the borders of Banderas Bay to become an event awaited by foodies and international visitors alike. People like Randolph Linehan and John Vogel, who plan their vacations around the festival dates, are testament to Restaurant Week’s impact and relevance on our dining scene.

Randolph Linehan comments: “I’ve been attending Restaurant Week since it started. This festival is an integral part of my bi-annual visits to Puerto Vallarta, as I plan my May vacation to coincide with the event. Similarly, several friends of mine do it, and we get together to enjoy and try new restaurants, without missing our favorite establishments. Truly, Restaurant Week is taken advantage of by many people I know who come to the region every year specifically during this month to enjoy it.”

John Vogel adds: “It was about six years ago that we first went to Restaurant Week. Puerto Vallarta certainly has an abundance of great restaurants, many of which we like to frequent. During our stay, we usually go to El Centro a couple of times for lunch or dinner, but we also try to support the restaurants in and around Bucerías. Café des Artistes and Barcelona Tapas are our favorite restaurants for dinner, while River Café is our go-to place to have lunch.”

Their testimonies reflect the shared emotional connection and passion for authentic culinary experiences.


Restaurants Participating for the First Time in Restaurant Week:

Mexican Food Restaurants:

European Food Restaurants:

Asian Food Restaurants:

Fine Cut Restaurants:

Fusion Food Restaurants:

Restaurant Week is an event supported by the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board and the Riviera Nayarit Tourism and Development Board.

Considerations to Make the Most of Restaurant Week

Before diving into the delicious adventure of Restaurant Week, it is important to keep a few practical considerations in mind: 

  • Menu prices do not include drinks or gratuities.
  • The telephone number of each participating restaurant is included in the printed Menu Guide and/or on the website restaurantweekpv.com/participants. It is always a good idea to call ahead to make a reservation and check availability.
  • Sharing the experience on social media using the hashtag #RestaurantWeekPV is a great way to connect with other foodies and learn about recommendations.

For all this and more, Restaurant Week by Vallarta Lifestyles is much more than a culinary festival. This is a genuine opportunity to enjoy and celebrate the culinary diversity that exists in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. 

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Jorge Chávez
Chief Editor

A fan of docuseries and a food lover who is always in search of coexisting with Mother Nature.