Haute Couture Beach Living brought to your Screen by Surf Chic

Vallarta Lifestyles
Jun. 21, 2017

Vallarta Lifestyles is pleased to announce the launch of our sister website Surf Chic, the ultimate guide to the Vallarta · Nayarit beach lifestyle from a sophisticated and stylish point of view.

For those surf-enthusiasts and Bohemians at heart, lovers of earthly pleasures and luxury desires, Surf Chic is your Go-To site to discover unique surfing escapes, exotic hideaways, as well as the luxury beach life “must haves”, including the best cuisine in Vallarta · Nayarit, fashion, personalities and pampering.

Surf Chic is inspired by American television personality Cheryl Woodcock, correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and co-host of The Insider, among other successful shows. Cheryl has interviewed some of the world’s most fascinating people and knows first-hand the hideaways of the rich and famous. A lover of Mexico and the Bohemian Jetset Glam lifestyle, she moved with her family from Beverly Hills to the beaches of Punta Mita. Surf Chic is also contributed and designed by German Fashion Editor Marie-Luise Bernartz, an expert on digital marketing, visual aesthetics and luxury retailing.

Follow Cheryl and Marie in this journey and discover the best of Bohemian Beach Lifestyle, exotic traveling and hideaways, high fashion and all things Surf Chic.

Visit surfchic.com and find their latest updates on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.