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Taniel Chemsian: Successful Real Estate Agent

By  Alexis Velasco
Jan. 18, 2019

A normal day in Chemsian’s life begins very early. This real estate professional living in the Conchas Chinas area (south of Puerto Vallarta) usually gets up at 5:15am for a walk with his dogs and doing his exercises, then heads to his office in the Romantic Zone. Since 2006, he has served as a senior sales associate at Timothy Real Estate Group.

Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, Chemsian spent most of his childhood and youth in Los Angeles, where he studied Telecommunications and worked for the television program The Hollywood Insider, as well as other postproduction companies in California. In addition, he worked in a family-owned tile and marble business for some time.

He has been a full-time resident of Puerto Vallarta for 14 years.


When did you first hear about Puerto Vallarta?

“Before my first trip, I had heard a few things, but not much, actually. It was the summer of 2001 when a friend suggested a visit. I wanted to spend my birthday somewhere different from Los Angeles, and he showed me some pictures of the beach, the mountains and the Malecón. I could not resist. So, we rented a unit in La Palapa, a condominium in front of Playa Los Muertos, and flew down in November of that year.”


What was your first impression of the city?

“I loved it! We were here for nine days, and from the first moment I entered the condo, I marveled at the beach. It reminded me of Beirut, my place of origin. For me, the two cities look alike, and I think that’s one of the reasons I find Puerto Vallarta so attractive. I remember that during that first visit I told my friend, ‘I think I will move here,’ and eventually it happened.”

“At the time, I was starting to get a little bored with Los Angeles and needed a change. Living in a very stressful city—very busy, with a lot of traffic—I wanted to slow down the pace of my lifestyle a bit. Puerto Vallarta appeared to be the right place, because it seemed that despite its small size, it had the heart of a big city, offering many activities.”


When did you move?

“In October 2013. Following my first visit, I came back six times in all. During that time, I took the opportunity to ask several Canadian and American expats about their life experiences here. I wanted to know if it had been difficult for them. But in the end, I saw that everyone was very happy. They gave me several tips that were a great help at the time.”


What are your favorite places on the bay?

“There are several places that are ideal for getting out and having a good time, including dozens of restaurants. One of my favorites is Bravo’s, in the Romantic Zone. Michael, the owner, does a fantastic job and is very friendly. My favorite dish is the ribs. I have tried them in several places around the world, and by far these are the best.”

“Another place I like to go to is Playa Las Animas. It is very nice and quiet. The scenery is beautiful, and it’s not as crowded as Playa Los Muertos. From time to time, I like to go to Sayulita and San Pancho, which are only an hour’s drive away and have a special charm.”


When you have visitors in the city, where do you take them?

“My family and friends want to go to the beach and spend as much time as possible doing outdoor activities, so I take them to Las Animas, Conchas Chinas, Los Muertos and Punta Negra. Another place they enjoy very much is the Vallarta Botanical Gardens.”

“During the day, they want to do activities like zip lining, off-road tours, whale watching and jet skiing, among others. At night, they usually want to go out to dinner, so we visit restaurants like Le Kliff, Bravo’s, La Palapa, La Madalena and Sonora Grill Prime.”


What things have changed in Puerto Vallarta since you arrived?

“There’s definitely a lot more infrastructure. We have more and better medical facilities, as the population is growing. The quality of the construction has improved. The Malecón has a new look that makes it more pleasant for families. The airport has increased its size several times since my arrival, and the maritime terminal is no exception.”


What makes Vallarta · Nayarit so special?

“The natural beauty is incredible. In many big cities, the landscape is made up of flat terrain, concrete and buildings. You can’t see beyond the buildings. Here, we have sunny days, water in the rivers, green mountains, the lush bay, a surprising topography and a lot of wildlife. It is a very beautiful place. And generally, the people here are very relaxed, so you do not live with the stress that big cities cause.”


What tips would you give those who are thinking of moving here?

“Many of them must have the same uncertainties and questions I had: How is medical care here? Is there enough infrastructure? What is the cost of services? Is there enough to do, or am I going to get bored? How and where can I buy certain products and/or services? How to buy real estate? And so on.”

“I believe that being informed about these issues by a person who has already gone through this experience is very important and provides security. I always provide answers to these questions for my clients, whether they are just thinking about moving here or are determined to do so,” he concludes.


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