Puerto Vallarta Airport Continues to Break Passenger Records

Vallarta Lifestyles
Sep. 7, 2017

According to the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board, tourism in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit continues to grow spectacularly year by year. This is ensured by the most recent report of the Pacific Airport Group (GAP), which indicates that in 2016, the number of passengers arriving at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport grew by 12.90% compared to 2015, surpassing the figure of the 4 million passengers (4,063,300).

2,759,500 of them were international passengers, 11.75% more compared to the previous year. The same happened with the 1,303,800 nationals who arrived, representing 16% more than in 2015.

The growing trend continues in 2017. According to figures from the GAP, so far this year tourist growth is advancing at a record pace: 2,880,901 passengers have arrived in Puerto Vallarta by air, as of July 2017, 1,820,086 being international and 748,469 national passengers. In July alone 379,301 passengers arrived (165,001 national and 214,300 international), a rise of 10.91% compared to 2016.

As for the origin of international passengers in the past year, 2,063,479 came from the United States; 634,669 from Canada and 61,352 from Europe.

The main cities of the United States where the travelers came from were:

  • Los Angeles with 280,812 passengers;
  • Dallas with 240,927;
  • Seattle with 211,944;

The Top 3 cities of Canada with more passengers visiting Vallarta · Nayarit were:

  • Calgary, 153,342 passengers;
  • Vancouver, 118,365;
  • Toronto, 105,001;

As for Mexico, the main cities of origin were:

  • Mexico City with 783,943 passengers;
  • Monterrey with 188,222;
  • Tijuana with 93,598;