Livier García

Fortuitous photographer who loves the colors, shapes and flavors of Mexico. A fan of red sunsets and the smell of tangerine.


5 Beaches in Vallarta · Nayarit with Beautiful Crystal-Clear Water to Swim

By  Livier García
Aug. 30, 2018

We have an intimate connection with water. We live in a blue world and more than half of our body is made up of this liquid. We relax each time we see it and renew our energies by just being on the beach. In Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, we can proudly say that we have beaches that conquer us with their soft, golden sand, tranquil waters and pristine landscapes framed by beautiful vegetation. Here we present a list of our favorite spots for snorkeling, swimming, tanning and experiencing an extraordinary moment.


Majahuitas and Yelapa

The Puerto Vallarta South Shore shelters some of the best beaches in the bay. Majahuitas is ideal for snorkeling, kayaking or paddle boarding thanks to its very calm waves. The beach is clean and the blue hues of the water will make you feel in a dream. A few minutes from Majahuitas is Yelapa, a small coastal town that jealously guard secluded beaches where you can get away from it all.



 A little further away, in the municipality of Cabo Corrientes, the fishing village of Tehuamixtle is located. The town is well known for its exquisite oysters and the locals refer to this beach as the “Playita del Amor” (Little Beach of Love), because once you get there, you really fall in love! It is so quiet, it feels like if you were in a big, natural swimming pool… you just have to be there to experience yourself.


Coral Island

 At the other end, north of the bay in Riviera Nayarit, the Coral Island is located. This is a peaceful beach that has soft, white sand that makes a beautiful contrast with the turquoise hues of the sea. You just choose a place to lay or sit down on, place your towel and get the perfect tan while you listen to the swinging waves.


Marietas Islands

 Located as well in Riviera Nayarit, this is one of the favorite spots for the enthusiasts of diving and snorkeling. This ecological reserve is protected due to its diversity of marine life and birds, like the famous blue-footed booby. The Marietas Islands are well known as the home of the “Playa Escondida” (Hidden Beach) or “Playa del Amor” (Beach of Love), which was formed in a crater due to the effects of marine erosion. This unique feature made it famous worldwide.


Colomitos Beach

 This is one of those places that make you feel in a complete connection with nature, since you have to hike the tropical jungle to get there. Along the road, you will admire beautiful postcards, where the green hues of the trees and the blue of the sea blend into the landscape. Colomitos is a natural retreat with golden sand and emerald green water that invites you to immerse yourself into and splash all day long.


  • Enjoy the experience and don’t forget that our beaches need everyone’s help to stay clean and beautiful, so always carry a bag to pick up, take and place your trash in the proper container.
  • Keep in mind that weather conditions and each season of the year have an effect on both the conditions of the beaches and the color of the sea.
Livier García

Fortuitous photographer who loves the colors, shapes and flavors of Mexico. A fan of red sunsets and the smell of tangerine.