6 Outstanding Golf Courses in Vallarta · Nayarit

Estefanía Montes
Jun. 12, 2019

Excellent weather and beautiful landscapes are elements that make Vallarta · Nayarit a destination with such a great national and international affluence, especially for golfers, that can find different courses where professionals and important personalities have played. Besides being the scenario of important tournaments.

For this reason, we set out to find the main qualities of 6 of the most outstanding golf courses in our destination.

Nicklaus Course (Vista Vallarta)

Located in Puerto Vallarta and designed by one of the best American golf players from history, Jack Nicklaus, this course has 18 holes and it is located at the top of Vista Vallarta. Thanks to its design preserving the tropical flora, ancestral trees and a small river, this place is considered one of the best 10 golf courses in Mexico. Here, you will be able to play in the same field where international tournaments were celebrated such as the EMC World Championship in 2002, Blue Agave Golf Classic in 2006 and a tournament of the USA Universities in 2007.

6 outstanding golf courses in vallarta · nayarit


Weiskopf Course (Vista Vallarta)

Just like the Nicklaus, the Weiskopf Course also has 18 holes but it is located in the low part of Vista Vallarta. It was designed by the American ex golfer Tom Weiskopf and it is considered one of the 10 best golf courses in Mexico according to “Best Golf Guide to the Mexican Riviera”. There you will be surrounded by the endemic fauna on an extreme course that will make you think on new game strategy. This course has a Pro Shop, so you can acquire the necessary accessories for a better performance.

6 outstanding golf courses in vallarta · nayarit


Golf Club Marina Vallarta

Designed by the Austrian architect Joe Finger, this field has 18 holes and is one of the oldest in the city, since it opened its doors 25 years ago. One of its main features is the location, because it is in the middle of Puerto Vallarta. It also stands out for its harmonious and challenging environment, combining tropical vegetation with the breeze and sand of the sea. Besides, you’ll find lakes and wildlife surrounding the place.

6 outstanding golf courses in vallarta · nayarit


Golf Club El Tigre

Located in Nuevo Vallarta, this course was designed by the Von Hagge, Smelek & Baril signature, who thought of creating such a challenging course for all international tournaments that would come to Mexico. Years later, thanks to the fame of its difficulty, the Canadian Tour, Futures LPGA, La Gira Mexicana and La Gira Mexicana Juvenil took place here. However, if you are a beginner, there are also some friendly areas for you to practice. This golf course has 18 holes distributed on a field inspired by the Mayan world, where you will play surrounded by nature, among the lakes and tricks it features.

6 outstanding golf courses in vallarta · nayarit


Flamingos Golf Course

Built by Percy Clifford, this golf course has 18 holes and it is located in Nuevo Vallarta. This is the oldest field in the area and one of the most important, because it was the predecessor of the Mexican amateur golf. Its design was planned so that all level players could practice, and also for hosting international championships. There you will find diverse wild fauna, endemic plants and some challenges that will test your wit, while you enjoy the soft sea breeze.


Campo de Golf Pacífico

Located inside of the exclusive development of Punta Mita, this 18-hole golf course was designed by Jack Nicklaus and it has been recognized twice by Condé Nast as the best golf course worldwide (2006 & 2008). Among its special features the hole 3B stands out, best known as the “Tale of the Whale”, the only green from all over the world built on a natural island. This course is ideal for beginners who only want to practice as well as for the experts that are looking for new challenges and to improve their strategies.

6 outstanding golf courses in vallarta · nayarit

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