Art-Inspired Fashion for the Summer

Alexis Velasco
Jul. 26, 2016

Get to know a one-of-a-kind fashion boutique at Puerto Vallarta’s El Centro neighborhood, featuring colorful, exclusive, loose clothing, and put together your summer outfit.

Mexican artist and designer, Héctor Lomelí started producing high quality clothing in Puerto Vallarta in the early 1980’s, when he opened Sucesos Boutique at the corner of Hidalgo and Libertad, in El Centro neighborhood. Even though his shop was one of the very few to feature natural cotton manta clothing at the time, Lomelí already had a proven history exploring the distinctiveness of the emblematic Mexican fabric, as well as designing with this traditional textile since the late 1960’s.

With the passing of time, manta fashion boutiques became popular in the region: visitors started to feel drawn—and they still do—to this charming fabric that serves as raw material for lightweight, Mexican style, summer clothing. As more specialized establishment opened, Lomelí found himself challenged to take his collection to the next level in order to preserve his clothing line’s uniqueness. He envisioned a new concept by treating his fashions as a blank canvas and creating hand-painted clothes.

Since 1997, Sucesos has developed an exclusive, abstract-looking collection focused on those women who like to wear stylish pieces. His inspiration comes from the colors of the sea and nature, and it includes lightweight kaftans, shawls, blouses, tunics and pants available in many colors and combinations that emulate the hues of watercolor paintings.   

“Sucesos is focused on women who like creating their own style. Our line doesn’t follow a global fashion trend and only very few and different clothes are made from every single piece of fabric painted by the designer.” —Andrea Márquez, Sucesos Boutique manager.

Attracted by the opportunity to step inside and photograph this one-of-a-kind establishment, we visited Sucesos Boutique last week and found some remarkable garments we think you may wish to consider for this season.

sucesos 5

Kaftans are one of the most coveted garments.


sucesos 7

Vivid colors and soft tones come together in a one-of-a-kind garment.



Go from comfy to snazzy in a snap by accessorizing with a shawl.



Enhance your outfit with fine jewelry for a touch of surf chic casual.

Find more about Sucesos Boutique on its Facebook Page.

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