Jorge Chávez

A fan of docuseries and an eccentric food lover who is always in search of coexisting with Mother Nature.

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Amor Boutique Hotel: A Beachfront Resort

Sayulita, the acclaimed Riviera Nayarit micro-destination famous worldwide for its beaches for surfing, is...
Amor Boutique Hotel: A Beachfront Resort

Art, Music and Buffet on the Malecon in Nuevo Vallarta

The second annual Art, Music and Buffet on the Malecon in Nuevo Vallarta will be held next Saturday, January...
Art, Music and Buffet on the Malecon in Nuevo Vallarta

Erica Maree Opens Boutique in the Romantic Zone

Erica Maree offers one-of-a-kind handmade Mexican oilcloth and embroidery handbags and accessories, as well...
Erica Maree

New Year’s Eve: At Condo or Out?

It is a time for pondering and imagination, a time to share with loved ones as we close a cycle and welcome a...
New Year’s Eve: At Condo or Out?

6th Taste of Nuevo and 18th Chili Cook-Off

Vallarta Yacht Club sponsored the 6th Taste of Nuevo and the 18th Chili Cook-Off, events that took place last...
Vallarta Yacht Club

Lime Arrives in Vallarta · Nayarit

The North American electric scooter company began operations in the destination with the aim of...
Lime Arrives in Vallarta · Nayarit

The Swedes: International Cuisine in a Relaxed Atmosphere

The concept of The Swedes Bar and Bistro consists of offering a modern and international Swedish cuisine.
The Swedes Bar and Bistro

Sherri Narro's History at Puerto Vallarta

Been a full-time resident of Puerto Vallarta for 22 years was one of the most important and enriching...
Sherri Narro

The Tradition of Pilgrimages in Puerto Vallarta

Pilgrimages in Puerto Vallarta are a cultural event that brings together hundreds of people around the Virgin...
Pilgrimages in Puerto Vallarta

Hospital San Javier Marina: 18 Years in Puerto Vallarta

Last Friday, November 23rd, 2018, San Javier Marina Hospital celebrated its 18th anniversary of operations in...
Hospital San Javier Marina

Trio: Mediterranean Food Cooked with Love

Opened in 1997, Trio Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta offers European recipes prepared with Mexican ingredients.
Trio Restaurant