Basilio Badillo: A Street Full of Diversity and Charm

Jorge Chávez
Jun. 26, 2019

Located in the heart of the Zona Romántica, the street Basilio Badillo is a vibrant mix between the Old Vallarta and the new, developing Vallarta · Nayarit. Its multiple boutiques, restaurants, and apartment buildings welcome a diverse range of national and international visitors, who enjoy the attractions which this beautiful corridor, adorned with exuberant bougainvillea and pendant papel picado, offers.

To start the day, you may visit Serafina Boutique, located between the streets Ignacio L. Vallarta and Constitución. Here, you may find a wide variety of Mexican style clothing, accessories, and jewelry, geared towards all types of tastes, ages, and genders. Well-known for its beautiful and colorful handmade bags, it also offers typical dresses native to Oaxaca and Chiapas, as well as jewelry ranging from designs in fine silver to intricate beading made by expert Huichol artisans.


Basilio badillo: a street full of diversity and charm

At mid-morning, to satisfy your appetite, an unmissable spot is the popular Fredy’s Tucan, located on the corner of Basilio Badillo and Ignacio L. Vallarta. It is a breakfast and brunch favorite for locals and visitors alike, as its extensive menu includes typical Mexican dishes, and those representative of American gastronomy. The restaurant’s casual, garden-like atmosphere which surrounds customers makes for a pleasant meal, and is perfect to brighten one’s day.


Basilio badillo: a street full of diversity and charm

The options to spend the rest of the day on Basilio Badillo are numerous, as there are distinct art galleries, cafés with selections of beans native to different parts of Mexico, and bakeries with an infinity of options to spoil your palate. There are also first-class restaurants which offer traditional dishes of other cuisines around the world, but prepared with a twist: the diversity of ingredients at our fingertips along the Bay of Banderas. 

Before the night ends, we recommend that you visit one of the most iconic spots on this street: Act II Entertainment, one of the main theatres of the city, located on the corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes, which acts as a hub to foster creativity and musicality. It is divided into a 180 seat theater, and a 98 seat cabaret, where well-known productions internationally are exhibited, such as “Little Shop Of Horrors,” with local artists, giving the audience an additional space to widen their perspectives. Danny Minnini, the American co-founder of the theater, passionately believes in inspiring young artists, and providing a place to further promote the education of the arts, as he supports local artists with personal projects, such as Adriana Quinto’s “Frida Kahlo,” a contemporary dancer and choreographer.


Basilio badillo: a street full of diversity and charm

Extending throughout nine blocks, Basilio Badillo begins at the beachfront of the famous Los Muertos Beach, and then crosses most of Old Vallarta, providing a diverse view of the attractions that our destination has to offer. Its dynamic quality, as well as a variety of entertainment options, make it an unmissable site for any to visit and explore during all seasons of the year.

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