A Conversation with Artist Abelardo Favela

Alexis Velasco
Jan. 12, 2018

Vallarta Lifestyles covered the opening reception for the Mexican painter Abelardo Favela at Galería Contempo in Puerto Vallarta. During the well-attended event, we had a conversation with the artist, who has consolidated himself as one of the most sought-after painters represented by the gallery.

  • How many new paintings this exhibition features?

“It features about 20 new works, including oil paintings, drawings and middle technic pieces, which have their own light source.”

  • How long have you been represented by Galería Contempo and how has been your experience here?

“Here in Puerto Vallarta, I’ve been exhibiting exclusively at this Galería for 7 years. I am very happy, my professional relationship with Rodolfo Choperena, the owner, has always been very serious. Ever since my first exhibition at this venue, my work has been very well accepted and sold.”

  • You currently reside in Puerto Vallarta, is this city your inspiration source?

“Yes, I spend most of the year here and the scenes I paint have to do with everyday life. Many of my paintings are inspired by Los Muertos beach or life at sea. That’s why I have paintings with sailors and women at the beach.

I spend a few months of the year in Cuernavaca, Morelos, where I paint. But I am most of the time here in Vallarta.”

  • The human shape is always present in your paintings, have you always been focused on this aspect?

“Yes, I’ve always been attracted by this. I always paint characters, both men and women. You will never see an empty landscape in my works. In some of my paintings, you’ll also find other elements that bring joy and a sense of humor such as dogs.”

  • What role does color play in your paintings?

“I always use primary colors, I don’t mix them. I place the paint directly on the canvas and I can add layers on it but never mix two colors to create a new one. Maybe, this is the reason why many people find my paintings so attractive.”

For more information about Abelardo Favela, visit www.galeriacontempo.com. Galería Contempo is located at Basilio Badillo 252, in the Romantic Zone.

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