Destination Weddings: Settings, Charm and Magic

Jorge Chávez
Nov. 6, 2019

Imagine that magical moment when the relatives and closest friends of a couple in love at last are gathered around to witness the wedding they’d planned so carefully. To that scene, where they are the stars, add a dreamy setting composed of the incomparable beauty of Puerto Vallarta, impressively fusing mountains and sea with a cosmopolitan city that offers every comfort and warm people eager to turn that ceremony into an unforgettable experience worth remembering and preserving.


And a destination wedding in Vallarta · Nayarit means that the couple, family and special guests will have an incredible time in one of Mexico’s most spectacular destinations. The “I do’s” take on another dimension in a setting with a spectacular view of the bay or on the beach with the waves whispering their cadenced rhythm. We believe that with a little of the inspiration we present in this article, you will agree that this paradise of sun, sand and sea is the ideal place to begin a story of eternal love.



Ceremonies with Spectacular Views of the Bay

South of Puerto Vallarta, on Highway 200, you will find some of the most spectacular views of the impressive Banderas Bay. In this verdant area at the foot of the mountains, many luxury villas with direct access to the sea are available for elegant private ceremonies. For an intimate wedding with few guests, this type of location is ideal, offering full use of the space before, during and after the wedding to attend to every detail while enjoying a peaceful stay. Most of these villas provide high-end amenities, infinity pool, large terraces and beautiful gardens that make the perfect setting. And food and drink should not be a worry, as the destination offers many caterers who understand the importance of such an event.


Other great options in this area include romantic restaurants at the edge of a cliff. Ideal for afternoon ceremonies (when the sun is ready to offer one of the spectacular sunsets for which our destination is known worldwide), these sanctuaries high above the turquoise waters of the Pacific offer a location like no other. Small gardens or terraces with an elegant gazebo serve as the antechamber of a unique and exclusive landscape where the mountains converge with the bay. This original setting is enhanced by the relaxing sound of the waves and the blue sky as witness to the magical union. As these establishments have abundant experience with these ceremonies, they will be happy to execute every detail with precision, so that the couple’s only concern is looking and feeling good.



Seaside Ceremonies


For some time now, Vallarta · Nayarit gran turismo hotels have served as idyllic places for seaside weddings. Many have large and beautiful gardens, perfect for the reception, as well as large air-conditioned rooms to comfortably extend the party until dawn. And for the ceremony, these hotels offer two attractive options: a jetty with natural grass and a panoramic view or the resort’s spacious beach, where the sea with its calm waves add an unforgettable touch to the event. Generally, both locations are set with chairs, a path of flower petals (or according to the decor), sound system and an elegant gazebo presided over by one of the many ministers in the destination who are certified to conduct and endorse marriages. For food and drink, you can rest easy, as it is only a matter of choosing the menu and devoting yourself to enjoying the party.


For entertainment, whatever the concept of the event, Vallarta · Nayarit offers many options to choose from, anything from mariachis and versatile groups offering a classical and modern musical repertoire, to performances designed exclusively to enhance the appeal of the wedding.




Icebreaker Activities


When you have a wedding in Vallarta · Nayarit, it is likely that it will be the first visit to our destination for many of the guests. In fact, it may also be the first formal meeting of the couple’s families. To encourage mingling prior to the reception, it is usually customary to have icebreaker activities, including intimate dinners in one of the city’s many high-end restaurants, mountain or sea tours and ecotourism activities (you can find more details on page XX, where we describe some of the most attractive), private yacht tours of Banderas Bay, spending the day at a beach club or simply enjoying an elegant brunch in the comfort of the hotel. The idea is getting to know each other in advance and arriving at the event more relaxed and ready to have a good time.


Additional Elements to Consider


Although it is true that planning a wedding can become a real challenge, the good news is that both Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit offer various specialized providers with proven experience in carrying out successful destination weddings. Throughout the area, you can find everything from high-fashion wedding dresses and exclusively designed wedding rings, to relaxing first-class spas, makeup artists who have styled Hollywood celebrities, luxury car rentals to travel around the destination, professional photographers and videographers to document those unique moments, as well as recognized wedding organizers who discuss with you what the wedding plan consists of and, without so much strain, how to make it a reality.



Trash the Dress


For daring couples who are not afraid to reuse their trousseau, the classic photo session acquires a new level of originality and spontaneity in a destination like Vallarta · Nayarit, where there are countless incredible locations to carry it out. From the beaches and their coves as a backdrop for relaxed images, to adventurous jungle treks to a tantalizing waterfall, or even an impromptu visit to the Malecón with all its attractions included, any idea can become a reality in a destination as diverse and inclusive as ours.



And the renewal of vows on the beach, as well as destination weddings, is booming because it is an extraordinary experience for couples and their loved ones, where wonderful settings are part of an intimate celebration that, due to its nature and sumptuousness, becomes an unforgettable vacation for all who attend.


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