Down Puerto Vallarta’s 3rd Edition concludes

Estefanía Montes
May. 21, 2019

Last May 18th and 19th 2019, Puerto Vallarta hosted of one of the most expected sports competition for extreme cycling lovers: Down Puerto Vallarta.

During this third Edition, extreme cycling fans had the chance to be surprised by the abilities, artfulness and maneuvers of 40 of the best racers from all over the world, who not only demonstrated their skills going down the hills of Puerto Vallarta, from the Mirador de la Cruz to the Malecon, but also showed their talent and capability to perform different tricks in the air.

The winners of the Downhill category are:

First Place

Adrien Loron (France)

Second Place:

Pedro Ferreira (Chile)

Third Place:

Camilo Sánchez (Colombia)

The winners of the Best Trick category are:

First Place:

Bienvenido Aguado (Spain)

Second Place:

Sam Pilgrim (United Kingdom)

Third Place:

DJ Brandt (United States)

It is important to mention that, thanks to the interest and good participation from the residents of Puerto Vallarta, the city is looking to host this event annually, and have the destination as a stablished location for this competition.