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Encuentros Gastronómicos: A Celebration of Culture and Flavors in Puerto Vallarta

By  Jorge Chávez
Aug. 23, 2023

A few months ago, Puerto Vallarta witnessed the emergence of an exciting chapter in the cultural tourism narrative: Encuentros Gastronómicos (Gastronomic Encounters). Last week, the Vallarta Lifestyles editorial team had the opportunity to immerse themselves in this unique experience, which took place at Casa El Milagro (Agua Zarca neighborhood). The aim of these encounters is to blend flavors, stories, and the authenticity of local roots in a distinctive and enriching format.

This experience takes participants on a sensory journey that awakens the senses and nourishes the soul. Gastronomic Encounters embrace the tradition and identity of our region through culinary samples accompanied by an exquisite selection of raicillas from the most respected master producers of Cabo Corrientes. These intimate gatherings take place in private homes, emphasizing closeness and authenticity.

Encuentros Gastronómicos by BENOMADE

The event at Casa El Milagro brilliantly demonstrated the essence of Gastronomic Encounters: the table was decorated with multisensory details that hinted at the feast to come. Raicilla, an exceptional cultural product, was presented with devotion and respect, becoming the thread that ran through this culinary experience.

The evening unfolded in seven unique moments, each accompanied by an appetizer designed to harmonize with the different raicilla offerings. Through this sequence of flavors, participants were taken on a culinary journey that went beyond mere gastronomy, becoming a cultural and emotional exploration.

Behind this innovative project is BENOMADE, a cultural initiative dedicated to sustainable community development through meaningful tourism experiences. Its creator and director of operations is Arturo Dávila, who, together with Fernando Sánchez, developed the concept of these dinners. Their passion for the region and their authenticity are reflected in every detail offered at these Gastronomic Encounters, which are presented alongside Atarraya raicillas, a network of coastal spirits that is growing rapidly here in our destination.

The menu for this event paid homage to the historic voyages of the Manila Galleon and the encounters with Asian products in America. Each dish was inspired by these cultural exchanges and crafted with expertise. From the Panela del Tornaviaje to the Sorbete del Trópico, every bite told a story and celebrated the fusion of cultures that have shaped the region.

Encuentros Gastronómicos by BENOMADE

The menu offered during this Gastronomic Encounter was as follows:

  • Panela del Tornaviaje (panela cheese with epazote pesto) + Raicilla from the Rodríguez Family.
  • Jicaletas de Urdaneta (slice of jicama with ginger, crushed chile, cheese, and onion) + Raicilla from the Castillón Family.
  • Ceviche para el Escorbuto (ceviche, coconut and tiger’s milk, skewered with totopos) + Raicilla from the Joya Family.
  • Camarón Encacahuatado (shrimp in peanut sauce) + Rey Apache.
  • Pulpo Legazpi (octopus in güero chile oil) + Raicilla from the García Family.
  • Lomo de Seda (smoked loin sealed in agave honey) + Plum Seltzer.
  • Sorbete del Trópico (soursop and lychee sorbet in syrup) + Raicilla Cream.

Visit BENOMADE social media networks to learn more about the upcoming Gastronomic Encounters.

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Jorge Chávez
Chief Editor

A fan of docuseries and a food lover who is always in search of coexisting with Mother Nature.