First Finnair Flight Arrives to Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Lifestyles
Nov. 7, 2017

This past weekend, nearly 300 Finnish passengers arrived to Puerto Vallarta on board the Airbus A350, the first Finnair plane to reach our destination. The new route Helsinki – Puerto Vallarta has officially begun operations and will be landing at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport once a week during the following five months, carrying a total of 6 thousand tourists. This achievement has been possible thanks to the efforts of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board, the Mexico Tourism Board and the company Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico.

After a 12-hour flight, the passengers were greeted with Mariachi, a Catrina and Day of the Dead installation, souvenirs, tequila and raicilla cocktails.

“This new flight opens up for us the possibility to get to know traditional Mexico at this wonderful city, unlike other beach Mexican destinations”, declared Roy Eriksson, Finland ambassador in our country. “It will also bring more business and tourism possibilities between Mexico and Finland”.

70 percent of these Nordic visitors will be staying in Puerto Vallarta for two weeks, while 30 percent of them will stay for one week (representing an occupancy of  20 thousand room/nights).

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