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Eager apprentice looking to dance through life while observing and exploring different cultures, peoples, places, and essences with a pen and paper in hand.


La Michoacana: Freshness, Traditions and Authenticity

By  Natalia Osuna
Jul. 17, 2019

Founded in 1993 by Alfonso and Teresa Guadarrama, a couple as sweet as their ice cream, La Michoacana has become a must for both residents and visitors. Located on the corner of Constitución and Francisco I. Madero in the Romantic Zone, the popsicle and ice cream shop is found in an area full of life, color and flavor. By offering a variety of flavors made with 100% natural fruit, the owners also give a piece of their passion, and Mexican essence with each sale that they make. The variety of products, their friendly attitude, and “Anselmo” (their green pet parrot that curiously interacts with the clients), make that both big and little ones leave the business smiling, with a frozen treat in hand, and a unique experience to remember.


Being the third and fourth generation of artisan popsicle vendors in their family, originally from Tocumbo, Michoacán, the couple continues their ancestors’ labor with their traditional and original recipes. Nowadays, after more than 25 years with their popsicle shop in Puerto Vallarta and more than 40 of experience in the field, Alfonso and Teresa continue to fulfill their purpose, bringing authenticity, freshness and Mexican culture with their delicious products. When visiting La Michoacana you will feel transported, as, not only does it delight the palate, but also the imagination; offering a unique and unforgettable experience which makes you feel inside a novel of magical realism.


When speaking with Alfonso Guadarrama, he shared: “By founding the popsicle shop, my purpose was to be able to give people a bit of happiness; since life has its difficult situations, I wanted to sweeten their lives a bit. When we arrived, we came with one hand here, and the other still in Michoacán. Now, after 26 years, we can see that the people of Puerto Vallarta have truly accepted us.”


Creating fresh and healthy snacks, ideal for Vallarta · Nayarit’s climate, La Michoacana is definitely the perfect stop to refresh yourself after any activity, whether it be a walk along the Romantic Zone at mid-day, or after a nice dinner at night. Apart from the great variety of flavors that the owners make, both in the form of paletas and ice cream, they also use Mexican seasonal fruits throughout the year, which elevates the quality and uniqueness of their product even more. Taking advantage of the richness of natural resources found in the destination, the couple adds a tropical and exceptional flavor, with the objective of making their products diverse and innovative. In this way, Alfonso and Teresa’s frozen delicacies are made with natural sugars, offering a variety of delightful options for the wide range of tastes, and dietary limitations that can be found in their clientele nowadays.


La Michoacana opens its doors from Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 9:00pm, and on Sundays from 11:00am to 9:00pm. Do not miss the most popular flavors, like the lemon pie ice cream or the passion fruit popsicle, as well as meeting Alfonso and Teresa, a dynamic duo of artisans and entrepreneurs who transmit their love of Mexico through the delicious and authentic taste of their products.


Facebook: facebook.com/LaMichoacana.AyT/


Natalia Osuna
Eager apprentice looking to dance through life while observing and exploring different cultures, peoples, places, and essences with a pen and paper in hand.