Lenny: Music a la Carte

Jorge Chávez
Aug. 5, 2008

About four years ago, while I was having dinner at Daiquiri Dick’s, Lenny appeared with his guitar, offering music table to table. At the request of my companions, I ended up singing Sabor a Mi in harmony with this talented artist. I recently  had the opportunity to interview him in the very same restaurant. “Yes, it’s true! I think it was table to table!” he said, gesturing to a table near where we sat for our interview, and added, “Here, there are a lot of people who come back to find you, and it’s great to see them again.”

His Beginnings

Lenny’s artistic career began in Puerto Vallarta, with the production of his first CD. He has worked as a soloist for three years and as part of a duo for one. He began playing guitar at age 12, influenced by his brother. Ironically, his brother gave it up, while Lenny continued to pursue his artistic interests. “In junior high, I learned the basics of playing guitar. I was in a band that played at school events and camps. We went everywhere.”

Originally from Mexico City, the guitarist rapidly began playing in groups, as well as on buses in the early ‘90s, in search of economic independence. In the middle of his search, he heard about Puerto Vallarta and moved here 12 years ago. “It is a very exotic place. In high season, the only reason to go hungry is because you are lazy.”

The Artist

Lenny, now 33 years old, is a lyrical musician, versatile and perfectionistic, who knows how important it is to connect with the audience by playing from the heart. His passion for rock and ballads is shown by the influence of artists such as the Beatles, Mocedades, Queen and Pink Floyd, among other legendary stars.

On an average day, he gets up and helps with the household chores, then practices his guitar and vocals in the afternoon before going to work. “I cover the Romantic Zone, restaurant by restaurant, offering music at the tables, as well as going to events such as birthdays and weddings.” He is also available for private functions. You may contact him at 299-3418.

Overcoming Challenges

Lenny is one of the best-loved artists in town, thanks to his talent and constant pursuit of harmony, both musical and personal. Known for his amiability, he gets along well with the majority of his colleagues, primarily troubadours, avoiding any professional jealousy or envy. This attitude has brought him many friendships that help him get through difficult times.

Last year, he faced the most-feared condition for singers: nodes on his vocal cords. His condition resulted from the lack of proper singing technique, and now he is paying the price for abusing his voice. “They operated on me, and now I’m seeing a speech therapist, doing voice and breathing exercises, and I’m forbidden tequila, the worst of the whole situation,” he laughs.

The Future and His Family

Lenny has been in a relationship with Mercedes for 18 years, and they have two daughters, Aidee (15) and Civeth (13). Lenny remembers a time of conflict between his wife and his guitar. “ Even today, she’s jealous because I take my guitar everywhere. There was a time when she said that if I went out with her, I couldn’t bring my guitar. Now, she understands that it’s part of the business.” Lenny also has shown that the most important thing to him is the welfare of his family, being willing to go wherever his career takes him as long as his loved ones are there.


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