Most Lovable Dog Faces at the First Kukur Tihar PV

Alexis Velasco
Nov. 2, 2016

This past weekend, Puerto de Luna Hotel celebrated the very first Kukur Tihar Puerto Vallarta. This festivity is a tradition in Nepal and takes place during the Tihar Festival, a five-day autumn celebration generally known as the Festival of Lights.

Kukur Tihar honors the relationship between human beings and dogs and worships our four-legged friends by draping a garland of flowers around their neck, which is called “malla” and represents a mark of respect and dignity. Additionally, the forehead of every dog is marked using paint—called “the tika”—as a symbol of devotion.

Over 200 dogs and their owners came together at Kukur Tihar Puerto Vallarta, enjoying a unique, meaningful evening. Puerto de Luna Hotel General Manager, Martha Dau, explained that Kukur Tihar was also celebrated in Mexico City this year, and the Puerto Vallarta event was possible in part thanks to a collaboration with the Mexico City-based Association Pro Dog.

We present some highlights of the event, including photos of lovable dogs we met.

Check them out!


Puerto de Luna’s garden looked beautiful, particularly as sunset approached.


Martha Dau, welcomed attendees and explained the meaning of the Kukur Tihar celebration.


Over 500 people and dogs enjoyed the evening.


A female westie ready to make some friends after receiving her flower garland.


A mastiff dog enjoyed taking a rest with his owner.


Can there be a happier pooch than this pomeranian puppy?


Sporting dog breeds, such as this Labrador Retriever, also attended the event and were pleased to be honored.


This little buddie named Mateo was so excited! Wait… we’re pretty sure all pugs usually are!


Lovely Chihuahua looking closely at the long makeover line.


Isn’t Yogui a cute cocker?

Pet owners were also happy to attend the event!


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Visit the Kukur Tihar PV Facebook Event for more pictures of the event.