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The New Wave of Illustrators

By  Alexis Velasco
Sep. 28, 2018

Born, raised or educated in Puerto Vallarta, these illustrators seek to express their inspirations. Through ink, paper, different artistic techniques and digital tools; they make the most of illustration as a means to connect with their surroundings and are part of a new generation that is making its way into the world of design. Get to know them!

Silvia Rodríguez

The Depth of a Face

From her bedroom turned into a workshop, this 21-year-old Puerto Vallarta female illustrates using different artistic techniques. What began as an interest in pencil drawing and simple lines evolved and move to watercolor and acrylic painting. Today, she focuses on the features of anonymous characters that coexist with nature and evoke deep feelings.

“I think that there’s beauty in all the faces. My images reflect the features of what I find beautiful, under a specific style that I am developing,” she mentions.

Silvia signs her illustrations with the name ONCE (“Eleven” in Spanish) since she considers that that number formed by two simple lines represents her first steps within this art.

Instagram: @silroodriguez


Luis Sandoval (aka Waichol)

Prints of Puerto Vallarta

This graphic designer graduated from the Centro Universitario de la Costa is a founding partner of the local clothing brand Sea and Concrete Co, whose pieces branded “PV Represent” have become quite popular among the enthusiast of the skate, the beach and surf. As an illustrator, he works on his personal project Wchldsgn. His images are characterized by featuring a palette of pastel colors and joyful elements.

“Many of my images refer to Puerto Vallarta, its people, beaches and traditions. I have a special affection for this place and I try to boast it,” he points out.

Some of his professional achievements are the illustration of the late American pianist Liberace (exhibited in the artist’s mansion in Las Vegas), the first place in the illustration workshop of the conference cycle a! Diseño (presented by Comex) and the medal Behance Appreciation Award · Portfolio Reviews.

Instagram: @wchldsgn / @sc.co


Enrique Flores

Punk, Rock and Satire

The illustrations of this graphic designer originally from Mexico City but currently residing in Puerto Vallarta, are influenced by his musical tastes, especially the genres punk and rock and roll. His inclination to illustration began during a long stay in Rome, where he was completely immersed in a stimulating environment full of images throughout the city and had the chance to meet professionals that utilize both printing and illustration traditional techniques. His illustrations have a touch of political satire or social criticism, inviting to look carefully at each element. Among his latest creations is the illustration of the Vallarta Pride 2018 official t-shirts.

Instagram: @enrique9doigts


Emmanuel Hernández

The Power of Letters

Although is unlikely to find designers completely focused on calligraphy, this 22-year-old male graduated from the Centro Universitario de la Costa found his passion in this field. His love for drawing led him to this art that has been practiced since immemorial times and consists in the beautification and deformation of handwriting.  In the last 3 years, he developed La Maldita, his own typography.

Emmanuel is an illustrator as well. His Instagram profile features an interesting gallery composed of his own typographic designs, influenced by classic and alternative rock and illustrations inspired by literature, including human figures, faces and nature. Black and white are pretty much present in his work, as well as monochromatic and pastel colors. Even though La Maldita represents a crude, critic and direct way to convey, it finds great styling and sensibility.

Instagram: @_la.maldita_

Alexis Velasco

Mexican food lover, performing arts enthusiast and sunset hunter with green tea in hand.