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Presenting the Official List of Restaurants Participating in the 20th Edition of Restaurant Week

By  Jorge Chávez
Apr. 12, 2024

The 20th edition of Restaurant Week by Vallarta Lifestyles will take place from May 15th to June 10th, 2024. During these three weeks, participating restaurants will offer innovative three-course menus (with three options available for each course) to delight both residents and visitors looking to enjoy the vibrant gastronomic offerings of our destination, at a reduced price.

Below is the official list of restaurants participating in the 20th edition of Restaurant Week, the culinary event par excellence in Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit.

Abbraccio Cucina Italiana
Immerse yourself in the authentic Italian experience at Abbraccio Cucina Italiana, where every dish will transport you to the culinary traditions of Corleone, Sicily. A delight for the senses!

Amixtli Restaurant · Mexican Pacific Cuisine
Discover the perfect fusion of elegance and Mexican flavors at Amixtli Restaurant · Mexican Pacific Cuisine. It is an intimate fine dining space within Xalli facilities, the luxury beach club in Puerto Vallarta.

Archie’s Wok
Since 1986, Archie’s Wok has been a reference in the culinary scene of Puerto Vallarta, offering an original cuisine that blends the exotic flavors of Thailand, China and the Philippines with mastery and creativity.

Azafrán Restaurant
Immerse yourself in an exceptional culinary experience at Azafrán Restaurant, where each dish is a masterpiece that reflects impeccable European-style service. A delight for the palate!

Barcelona Tapas
Embark on a gastronomic journey to Spain at Barcelona Tapas, where every bite offers the authentic essence of Spanish cuisine, prepared with the finest local ingredients. An experience that will delight your palate!

Bistro Cobojo
Enjoy a unique dining experience at Bistro Cobojo, where traditional Mexican dishes are reinvented with an innovative twist, accompanied by delicious drinks in a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

Bocados Steak House
Immerse yourself in an unparalleled dining experience at Bocados Steak House, where every dish is a culinary journey that will captivate you with its exquisite variety of appetizers, juicy grilled cuts and unique desserts.

Bravos Restaurant
Discover culinary excellence at Bravos Restaurant, where pride in using locally sourced ingredients is reflected in every dish. Be tempted by their innovative food and beverage menu.

Café des Artistes
Enjoy the elegance and exclusivity of the Café des Artistes, a gastronomic icon led by the creative spirit of Chef Thierry Blouet, a unique place for intimate and important celebrations!

Casamar 1928
Once the home of Don Jesús Langarica, the first mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Casamar 1928 is now a culinary haven offering Mexican and seafood specialties.

DAO Contemporary Chinese Cuisine
Discover the exquisite world of DAO Contemporary Chinese Cuisine, a new gourmet concept that combines contemporary Chinese cuisine with breathtaking views of the surrounding rainforest. A unique experience.

Di Vino Dante
A sensory journey awaits you at Di Vino Dante. Here you will find a wide selection of wines and a creative variety of tapas, cheeses and exquisite cured meats to satisfy your palate.

Hacienda San Ángel Gourmet
The elegance of the Mexican style is reflected in Hacienda San Ángel Gourmet, where each dish is a culinary work of art that has stood the test of time. An incomparable gastronomic experience.

IL PESCE takes you on a culinary journey through Italy with a focus on seafood. Enjoy authentic Mediterranean flavors in a charming and intimate atmosphere in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta.

Itamar Cocina de Puerto
Itamar Cocina de Puerto elevates the dining experience by redefining seafood. Each dish is a masterpiece crafted with skill and technique to bring out the flavors to the fullest.

Joe Jack’s Fish Shack
Immerse yourself in the vibrant and modern atmosphere of Joe Jack’s Fish Shack, a seafood restaurant located in the heart of Old Vallarta that offers an unparalleled dining experience.

Kaiser Maximilian Restaurant
The Kaiser Maximilian Restaurant transports you to the splendor of old Vienna with its exquisite gastronomic concept. Enjoy a unique experience in the heart of Puerto Vallarta.

Karuma · The Art of Grill
Discover the essence of refined grilling at Karuma · The Art of Grill, where each dish reflects a unique culinary innovation in the interpretation of classic grills and rotisseries.

La Cigale *French Bistro*
The owners of La Cigale *French Bistro* have channeled their expertise to bring you an authentic French experience in the Versalles neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta. Immerse yourself in the pleasures of Gallic gastronomy.

La Leche
Surprise, contrast, difference, happiness and exquisiteness come together at La Leche to offer an unparalleled culinary experience in Puerto Vallarta. Let yourself be captivated by each of the sensations you will find in this restaurant.

La Tienda Grande
La Tienda Grande is a restaurant that celebrates Mexican culinary creativity, inspired by the traditions and memories of Vallarta chef Salvador Carrillo. Immerse yourself in a unique and authentic dining experience.

Enjoy a unique fusion at LaLupée, where Mediterranean cuisine blends with Mexican flavors to create an exceptional dining experience full of vibrant and authentic flavors.

Le Kliff
Le Kliff is a unique experience where the essence of Mexican gastronomy unfolds in all its splendor. With breathtaking views of Banderas Bay, enjoy authentic flavors and culinary traditions.

Loma 42 Bahía
Located in Nuevo Vallarta, Loma 42 Bahía is a restaurant that offers a creative, evolving and inspiring cuisine, characterized by a constant search for freshness and quality in every dish.

Makal is a creative restaurant dedicated to honoring the culinary roots of ancient Mexico, inviting you to discover the authenticity and richness of Mexican gastronomy in every bite.

Marcelita by Marcela
Discover Marcelita by Marcela, an exclusive restaurant located within Marcela Resort & Spa facilities, where you can taste exquisite Mexican dishes in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

Meet Meat
Immerse yourself in a unique dining experience at Meet Meat, an exclusive restaurant that celebrates the art of grilling with an exquisite menu focused on premium cuts of meat.

Mikoh Bucerías
Enjoy a unique fusion at Mikoh Bucerías, where oriental specialties are reinvented with a contemporary approach, offering a menu that delights with innovative flavors and techniques.

Olive by Rubén
Olive by Rubén is a cozy Cretan-Greek restaurant that creatively blends new and old world specialties to create a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Opa Greek Bistro
Discover an authentic Greek experience at Opa Greek Bistro, an exquisite addition to Puerto Vallarta’s Mediterranean dining scene. Immerse yourself in traditional flavors and enchanting ambiance.

Parrotfish – Zona Romántica
Enjoy a unique culinary experience at Parrotfish – Zona Romántica, where Asian flavors blend harmoniously with traditional Mexican cuisine to create a balanced and delicious menu.

Pezlimon combines the freshness of Mexican Pacific seafood with the vibrant flavor of lime to create a unique culinary experience that celebrates the richness and diversity of the coast.

Raíz y Maleza
Located in the Versalles neighborhood, the innovative restaurant Raíz offers intriguing signature cuisine complemented by an exclusive mixology bar called Maleza. Together they make for a unique dining experience.

River Café Restaurant
Located on the charming Cuale River Island in Puerto Vallarta, River Café Restaurant offers sophisticated cuisine to please even the most discerning palate. A wide variety of cocktails and wine labels complement the menu.

Sandrina’s Cocina Mediterránea/Griega
Sandrina’s Cocina Mediterránea/Griega is a restaurant with Mediterranean flavors. You can dine under the stars at this Greek gem located just steps from Bucerías Beach, one of the jewels of Riviera Nayarit.

Serrano’s Grill
Serrano’s Grill offers an unparalleled dining experience that combines spectacular views of downtown and the beautiful sunsets over Banderas Bay with exceptional cuisine for the most discerning palate.

Serrano’s Meat House
Culinary excellence is evident in every bite at Serrano’s Meat House. Specializing in the highest quality cuts, this restaurant masterfully prepares each dish to provide an unparalleled dining experience.

Siam Cocina Thai
Discover the authentic essence of Thailand at Siam Cocina Thai, a restaurant that transports you through exotic flavors and captivating aromas in the heart of Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone.

Sonora House
This cozy restaurant, located in Fluvial Vallarta, has a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for enjoying an authentic grill experience. Sonora House delights its guests with the best cuts of meat from the state of Sonora.

The Swedes Bar and Bistro
The concept of The Swedes Bar and Bistro is to offer culinary versatility. The quality of the food, the friendly and familiar service, and the fun and lively atmosphere have made this restaurant a must-visit.

Let yourself be seduced by the exquisite dining experience at Trio, where a first-class Mediterranean menu is combined with an international wine list that will inspire you to explore new tastes.

Vitea Bistro Café
Embark on a culinary journey to the European Riviera at Vitea Bistro Café, where classic and contemporary Mediterranean dishes are served in a casual and welcoming atmosphere. An enchanting experience.

Xochi Restaurant
Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Xochi Restaurant, located in the heart of Sayulita, where chef Carlos Lantén blends Mexican flavors to create a captivating dining experience.

ZUMO · Puerto Vallarta
The concept of ZUMO · Puerto Vallarta is to fuse the essence of traditional Mexican flavors with innovative culinary techniques, offering a gastronomic experience that surprises the senses.

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Chief Editor

A fan of docuseries and a food lover who is always in search of coexisting with Mother Nature.