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Music lover, an enthusiast of dark beer and the art. Field of view: 50 mm. Shy but with a high probability of thunderstorms.


Our Destination Through 5 Senses: Hiking

By  Danya Soto
Dec. 3, 2021

In recent years, hiking has become a popular sport, as it is a very healthy option and accessible to the general population. In addition, it presents an opportunity to explore both natural and urban areas from a different perspective. Visiting these spots on foot provides excellent cardiovascular exercise for your body, a state of happiness for your mind and a new world of emotions and places to discover for your senses.

Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings are ideal for hiking. Its streets invite walking, and its natural environment contains all the flora and fauna any hiking fan could dream of. In this special, we suggest two options that you cannot miss during your stay in our destination: an urban tour and another immersed in nature.

Urban Hiking: From the Malecón to the Mirador de La Cruz

If you do not have much practice or do not want to venture beyond the city limits, this route is ideal for you. It is a different way to explore downtown Puerto Vallarta, with its traditional houses and streets, until you reach the lookout for the most impressive views in town.

This 20- to 40-minute hike starts at the Malecón, by the seahorse statue. From there, continue along the promenade until you reach Abasolo street. Follow this street toward the hill, up to Emilio Carranza street, and again take Abasolo. Walking up, you will cross a green stretch of vegetation before coming to some concrete stairs. With a little effort, climb up them to the Mirador de La Cruz. And while you rest and catch your breath, delight in the amazing 360º view, with the sea, the rustic roofs and small streets of Puerto Vallarta in front of you, and at your back, the imposing greenery of the mountains.

Hiking in the Jungle: From Boca de Tomatlán to Colomitos

This 30- to 45-minute route starts in the coastal town of Boca de Tomatlán, which can be reached by public transportation or car. On the beach, you can see a posted path on the left that will take you along the coast to your destination. During the trek, let yourself be enveloped by the abundant vegetation of the tropical forest and the sea breeze. Listen to the waves and the various animal species, such as eagles, woodpeckers, the mountain trogon, and find the green iguanas among the foliage. Feel the contact with nature under your feet as you walk until you reach Playa Colomitos, the reward for your effort. Here, in this tranquil place, the golden sand and emerald water invite you to refresh yourself with a revitalizing dip.


  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Light and comfortable clothing
  • Comfortable sports shoes
  • Towel
  • Water and/or snacks
Danya Soto

Music lover, an enthusiast of dark beer and the art. Field of view: 50 mm. Shy but with a high probability of thunderstorms.