Danya Soto

Music lover, an enthusiast of dark beer and the art. Field of view: 50 mm. Shy but with a high probability of thunderstorms.

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Essentials of Our Destination: Huichol Crafts

Huichol crafts are one of the most representative of Mexican culture, and Vallarta · Nayarit is the cradle...
Essentials of Our Destination: Huichol Crafts

Essentials of Our Destination: Sport Fishing Days

Vallarta · Nayarit is recognized worldwide as an excellent destination to practice sport fishing due to the...
Sport Fishing

San Pancho: A Chic and Bohemian Micro-Destination

San Pancho is a picturesque village whose charm lies in its streets, friendly people, watersports, sense of...
San Pancho

Essentials of Our Destination: Adventure to the Marietas Islands

Few areas in the world are richer than the Marietas Islands, an archipelago that virtually form the entrance...
Islas Marietas

Tour of Isla del Río Cuale

One of the most iconic places in Puerto Vallarta is Isla del Río Cuale, a charming island bordered by the...
Tour of Isla del Río Cuale

Essentials of Our Destination: Spectacular Beaches

Lush Banderas Bay is home to a wide variety of beaches that cater to the different lifestyles that come...
Vallarta · Nayarit Beaches

Essentials of Our Destination: Haute Cuisine Restaurants

Vallarta · Nayarit is home to a great diversity of restaurants that offer everything from the typical dishes...
Haute Cuisine Restaurants

Essentials of Our Destination: Cultural Walk through El Centro

Without a doubt, the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta is El Centro, where some of the city’s main cultural...
El Centro

5 Reasons to Visit Marina Vallarta

For several years, Marina Vallarta has positioned itself as a micro-destination with a wide offer for Puerto...
Marina Vallarta

Nahui Beach: To Have a Picnic in the Company of Pet

Located in Riviera Nayarit, Nahui is a beach with moderate waves and fine-textured white sand.
Nahui Beach

La Lancha Beach: To Practice Surfing and Take a Surfing Class

Located on the side of the road leading to Punta de Mita, La Lancha Beach is one of the best spots in Riviera...
La Lancha Beach