Pain-Free Yoga Workshop at Davannayoga

Vallarta Lifestyles
Apr. 3, 2017

“Creating a Pain-Free Yoga Practice” is a three-hour workshop presented by certified Yoga and Movement therapist Via Anderson scheduled for next Tuesday, April 11 from 4-7pm at Davannayoga yoga studio in Puerto Vallarta.

This yoga workshop is designed for all ages and all levels of experience. Based on the principles of yoga, anatomy, biomechanics, and functional movement, the Pain-Free Yoga Workshop aims at learning more about moving better and without pain in a yoga practice, specialty sport or everyday life.

As a student of the Functional Synergy method of yoga therapy, Via Anderson hosts this workshop which is based on principles of movement articulated by the aforementioned method and adapted by Via in her yoga and movement coaching business, Intelligent Movement Forever.

Intelligent Movement Forever recognizes that the key to addressing chronic pain, avoiding more pain and moving easily is movement that is pure, within a pain-free range of motion, and without compensation. Moving with awareness is also important because you can’t change something that you are not aware of. Moving purely with awareness teaches the body to move safely without compensation or pain.

The three-hour yoga workshop in Puerto Vallarta will help you eliminate pain naturally, stand and sit taller, increase balance, agility and body awareness, as well as feeling and looking younger.

The price is $400 pesos or $22 USD per person. Space is limited, so pre-registration is encouraged.

Contact davannayoga.com to register online or via email at or call (322) 233-0530. For more information about Via Anderson and this workshop, please visit www.intelligentmovementforever.com.