Performance of El Abrazo: Una Mirada a tu Interior

Estefanía Montes
Nov. 13, 2019

On Sunday November 17th 2019, the performance of El Abrazo: Una Mirada a tu Interior will take place. Starting at 8:00pm at Teatro Vallarta (Uruguay 184, 5 de Diciembre).


El Abrazo: Una Mirada a tu Interior is an introspective narration that presents the life of people with personality disorders, by showing their peculiar way of thinking, feeling and living through esthetical and artistic resources such as light, dancing and music.


This production is directed by Germaín Alonso and will feature 15 interpreters, all members of Colectivo 29, a local company dedicated to the creation of quality cultural projects.


Featured by a selective group of dancers, musicians, and circus artists, this collective is well known for its active participation in shows like Rhythms of the Night, one of the most popular shows in our destination.


The price to attend is $330 pesos per person. You may purchase your tickets at the Teatro Vallarta’s website.


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