Great Presentation of Pronto in Banderas Bay

Jorge Chávez
Jul. 4, 2019

Garrison Public House in Nuevo Vallarta hosted a spectacular musical concert that served as the launching event for Pronto, a Mexican startup that offers ride-sharing.

Everything started at 9:00pm, when the main stage welcomed influencer Mafer Covarrubias, host of the event, who announced the presence of Gabriel and Miguel Cano, co-founders of Pronto, a new app that in its initial stage of expansion seeks to cover at least 30 cities in Mexico.

Immediately, Rodrigo Pérez, president of The Future of Latin America Foundation (FLATAM), was excited about this milestone in the destination and said: “Today, Pronto can be a Mexican startup that breaks down borders, because it is a company that is already valued in millions of dollars. We are the third city in which this app has a presence and we are proud to be able to enjoy a service that can transport us safely from place to place around the bay, and at a very low cost.”

Born in Tlaxcala city, Pronto is a new platform that connects member partners with users looking for safe rides, with the aim of changing the dynamics of mobility throughout Latin America. Its main difference it’s the subscription model for drivers, who can generate 100 percent of their income, free of commissions and service fees.

To close the night, the Guadalajara band Siddhartha offered a concert in which they performed some of their best hits. The setlist included songs like “Película – Cap. 3”, “Ser Parte”, “El Aire”, “Aves del Tiempo – Cap. 5”, “Tus Pupilas”, “Domingo” and “Extraños”, among others.

With actions like these, FLATAM continues its goal of turning Vallarta · Nayarit into a smart destination and thus improve mobility, care of the environment, economic development and security in the area.

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