Puerto Vallarta Among Most Trusted Brands

Alexis Velasco
Oct. 25, 2017

A few days ago, the magazine Reader’s Digest presented its annual Most Trusted Brands report, featuring the preferences of the Mexican customers in more than fifty categories including products, services, media outlets and personalities.

The survey (held for the first time in 2010) collected the ratings of one million people (58 percent women and 42 percent men), who appraised aspects such as price, perception and innovation. Puerto Vallarta stood out above any other beach destination, while Guanajuato was recognized as the best colonial city and Peña de Bernal as the best magic town.

In the Food and Drink category, the brands preferred by voters were La Costeña, Ciel, Pilgrim’s, Atún Dolores and Kellogg’s. In Health and Beauty, customers placed Ariel, Pantene, Kotex and Nivea at the top of the list; while Axa, Liverpool, iPhone, DHL, ETN and Sony conquered the categories Technology, Products and Services.