Locally Produced Film To Open in Theaters

Alexis Velasco
Apr. 6, 2016

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board (FIDETUR), charged with promoting Puerto Vallarta nationally and internationally, announced the opening of Sundown, the latest film to be shot entirely in Puerto Vallarta by Mexican director Fernando Lebrija, coming to local theaters on April 22.

Originally from Guadalajara, Lebrija completed a Masters in Fine Arts in Film at the American Film Institute, along with a year of postgraduate studies in screenwriting at UCLA. Prior to this, he had a successful career as a television director/producer, with over 30 shows for networks like Fox Sports,  MTV and Televisa under his belt. Sundown is his first English speaking film.

Sundown was partly funded by COFIEJ, the new State of Jalisco Filming Commission—an organization whose goal is to raise the number of productions filmed in the state—and it is scheduled to open on May 14 in the US and Canada. The film tells the story of Logan, a high school senior who travels to Puerto Vallarta with his friend Blake hoping to hook up with their high school crushes and have an epic Spring Break. After a meeting at a club, he falls for a mysterious local beauty named Gaby, but then things don’t go as he expected.

Aside from Sundown, director Diego Luna’s film, Mr. Pig, is another production benefited by COFIEJ, premiering in the city this year. With the establishment of this committee, the number of national and international films produced in Puerto Vallarta is expected to increase in the coming years.

Puerto Vallarta has been the backdrop for important productions through the years, beginning with John Huston’s The night of the Iguana, which boosted the destination in 1964 by placing it in the international limelight. Predator (1987), Revenge (1990), Puerto Vallarta Squeeze (2004) and Limitless (2011) are just a few of the films with locally-filmed scenes that have ensued. In addition, Vallarta – Nayarit is a favorite destination for many Hollywood celebrities that visit year around, sharing glimpses of their experiences through Instagram and other popular social media outlets.

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You can watch the trailer of Sundown by clicking here.

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