Presenting the Second International Sculptors Forum

Paola Perea
Nov. 8, 2018

The Foro Internacional de Escultores (International Sculptors Forum) will feature artists from France, Poland, Turkey, Japan, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

From November 12 to 24, 2018, the second edition of the International Sculptors Forum will take place at the Centro Universitario de la Costa (CUC), as well as in seven of the city’s neighborhoods.

During the 13 days, these world-class sculptors will create their works in the places where they will remain for posterity. The eight participants who will create the works (whether stainless steel and/or lightweight concrete) are:

  • Nicolas Bertoux (France)
  • Yvonne Domengue (Mexico)
  • Antonio Nava (Mexico)
  • Cynthia Sah (Japan)
  • Melquiades Sastre (Puerto Rico)
  • Ümit Turgay (Turkey)
  • Piotr Twardowski (Poland)
  • Oscar Zamarripa (Mexico)


It is worth noting that sculptor curators María Elena Perales of Puerto Rico and Kemal Tufan of Turkey will attend this forum and that financing for creating the sculptures is the responsibility of the private initiative, but installation and maintenance will be the responsibility of the municipality.