Puerto Vallarta will host SingularityU Mexico Summit

Alexis Velasco
Nov. 1, 2017

An event organized by the technology community of Singularity University.

Puerto Vallarta’s International Convention Center will host the SingularityU Mexico Summit on November 8th and 9th, 2017. This will be a series of conferences under the auspices of Singularity University, a technology community with headquarters at the NASA’s Investigation Center in Silicon Valley, that is focused on the development of technologies aimed at solving some of the biggest problems on earth in fields such as health, environment, security, education, energies, food and government.

During the event, a group of leaders and thinkers in these areas will gather to discuss this challenges, present possible solutions and inspire attendees in order to keep growing this innovation network.

Among the speakers are Anousheh Ansari, the first Muslim woman to go to space; Marco Mascorro, co-founder and CEO of Fellow Robots; Aaron Frank, virtual reality developer and professor at the Singularity University; Dave Zaboski, former animator for Disney, Warner Bros and Sony; Christopher Fabian, co-founder of the UNICEF’s Innovation Unit and Gabriel Weinstein, innovation director for Oliva company.

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