Seasons PV Presents Their Own Canadian Bacon Recipe

Alexis Velasco
May. 24, 2017

Early this week, while having brunch at Seasons PV—a cozy, Canadian and American cuisine restaurant located in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta—, we first noticed their homemade, Canadian bacon recipe. This ingredient is featured in dishes for breakfast and lunch at the venue, such as the signature Canadian Hamburger and the Eggs Benedict.

Since we were delighted by the unique flavor of this type of bacon, we approached Seasons PV chief cook, Wilvert Arath Peña López, who shared with us their recipe and explained they made it from natural pork loin.

The first step is to immerse the pork loin in a solution with bay leaves and equal amounts of sugar and salt. It is left covered in this mixing and marinated in the fridge for 24 hours. Later, the pork loin is breaded with cornmeal and is left to stand in the fridge for a whole day. After this 48-hour marination process, the meat is ready to be fried on the grill.

This bacon has a milder flavor and is juicier than the original because it absorbs the seasonings while marinated. Besides, the cornmeal adds a delicious twist.

Wilvert Arath Peña López, Seasons PV chief cook.

We encourage you to taste the Canadian bacon in the variety of dishes offered by Seasons PV. This is the only restaurant in Puerto Vallarta we’ve heard that prepares this ingredient in such a way.

Seasons PV is also a Restaurant Week participating restaurant and will be offering a special, three-course, fixed-price menu until May 31. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/2qNlzci

For more information about Seasons PV, visit its Facebook page or website. For Restaurant Week reservations, call (322) 178-2148.


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