The Official Presentation of The Future of Latin America Foundation

Alexis Velasco
May. 21, 2018

MozzaMare Casual Beach Gourmet hosted a presentation cocktail for The Future of Latin America Foundation Campus Riviera Nayarit, a model project that aims to turn this region into a sustainable and technological destination. This venture is propelled by several companies seeking to combat inequality in Latin America through innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

The Future of Latin America Foundation envisions to create, within a period of five years, an innovation cluster aimed at software development and technology exportation. Based on the idea that this region offers the necessary conditions for the development of new ideas, the foundation pursues to transform Riviera Nayarit into a “smart destination” and improve areas such as transportation, environment, economic development and safety.

This pilot project has been conceived in Riviera Nayarit thanks to the efforts of Rodrigo Pérez and Pietro Rizzuto, president and vice president of the foundation, respectively. They will be in charge of coordinating monthly talks on technology at different universities and business centers, tech and entrepreneurship workshops, social innovation summits, think tanks and meetings with sponsors and potential investors.

“We are very happy to begin this new stage that will bring more opportunities for our destination, the local businesses and all the residents. The idea of bringing a technology cluster came to us a long time ago and we believe it will work here in this paradise. I would like to highlight the importance of the support of local entrepreneurs, who will be the first that will be able to invest in the startups generated in this campus located in Riviera Nayarit,” Pietro Rizzuto commented.

For his part, Rodrigo Pérez thanked all the representatives of the companies taking part in this venture and commented that their intention to create a sustainable and renewable-powered cluster in Riviera Nayarit is a very ambitious project: “The goal is settled and we have to think big. In this five years, we are thinking of launching a unicorn—a technology company valued in more than one thousand million dollars—, and three centaurs—startups valued in more than one hundred million dollars—. By creating an innovative environment, we can make all this a reality.”

Rodrigo Pérez, president of Latin America Foundation.

To achieve this, The Future of Latin America Foundation Campus Riviera Nayarit will focus on four main axes: support actions for entrepreneurs, mutual funds, education and the implementation of platforms.

A diploma course on Innovation and Entrepreneurship was also announced at the event. This will take place within the next few months and will be organized alongside the ITESO University. It will be aimed at local youth and free of charge.

Before the night came to an end, it was also told The Future of Latin America Foundation Campus Riviera Nayarit is the first step towards the implementation of more clusters in other Latin American cities.

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