Thierry Blouet Trophy 2019 Announced

Alexis Velasco
Feb. 26, 2019

Grupo Café des Artistes has started preparations for the 2019 edition of its culinary competition Thierry Blouet Trophy, that will take place independently at three different venues (Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara and Mexico City) within the second and third week of March. The contest is aimed at young Mexican cooks, who will have to present a three-course menu for 5 people within a set time limit. For the entree and dessert, participants will be subject to the ingredients provided in a mystery basket; while the main dish will consist of organic chicken, foie gras and confit of duck gizzards.

The jury will be presided by Gerard Dupont, honorary president of the French Culinary Academy, and composed by other chefs with national and international recognition. They will be in charge of evaluating the performance of each cook and choosing the top 3 in each venue.

On the other hand, chef Thierry Blouet (president of Grupo Café des Artistes and founder of the Thierry Blouet Trophy) will determine which one of the three winners will represent Mexico at the World Culinary Competition by the association Chaine des Rotisseurs, to take place on September 22 in Canada.

Find below the dates of each competition:

  • Mexico City (2º Edition)

Saturday, March 9

Venue: Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana

  • Puerto Vallarta (14º Edition)

Tuesday, March 12

Venue: Gourmet Station of the University of Guadalajara

  • Guadalajara (5º Edition)

Friday, March 15

Venue: Universidad del Valle de México

For more information about the Thierry Blouet trophy, visit the website trofeothierryblouet.com.