Vallarta · Nayarit Restaurants that are Currently Offering Delivery Service – Part I

Estefanía Montes
Apr. 2, 2020

For you to enjoy your favorites dishes in the comfort of your home, different restaurants of Vallarta · Nayarit have begun offering delivery services and orders to go through their phone number and websites.

Here is the first batch, 13 of the many restaurants in Vallarta • Nayarit that are part of this great campaign:

· Abbraccio Cucina Italiana
(322) 293-8600
This restaurant of Italian specialties, offers from 25 to 50% off your bill by ordering via WhatsApp (33) 1719-1572 or from its new app Abbraccio MX.

· Almacén Cocktail
(322) 221-2188
This establishment of fusion food offers a special discount to the customers who make their orders through Rappi México.

· Azafrán
(322) 170-4984
This Mediterranean restaurant has prepared a special menu and combos with fries and soda, with delivery service.

· Basilio Comer & Beber
(322) 224-6426
This place of Italian food offers delivery service for free in a minimum order of $300 pesos.

· Bistro Organico at Hotel Cielo Rojo
(311) 258-4155
This place offers a select menu of food and baked products, both made with the freshest ingredients of the bay. And offers free delivery in the minimum purchase of $400 pesos.

· Daiquiri Dick’s 
(322) 222-0566
Offering Mexican food with Asian and Mediterranean fusion, Daiquiri Dick’s has a special menu for delivery or pick up at the restaurant, with delicious meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

· El Río BBQ
(322) 222-2510
Their star dish, delicious BBQ ribs, offered in different packages for couples and families, that can be ordered from Tuesday to Sunday from 1:00pm to 7:00pm.

· Joe Jack’s Fish Shack
(322) 222-2099
This place offers free delivery service on the minimum purchase of $350 pesos, including beverages such as beer and wine bottles.

· Kaiser Maximilian
(322) 223-0760
Special daily menu offering various options of the most representative dishes of Austria, than be picked up at the restaurant.

· La Tosca
(322) 365-1509
La Tosca is a new Italian food establishment that, in addition to having delivery service, is offering a 15% off in orders to go.

· Layla’s Restaurante 
(322) 222-2436
This Italian restaurant offers different promotions and special prices in some dishes of its menu.

· Mark’s Bar & Grill 
(329) 298-0303
This establishment offers its customers a special menu with diverse fresh and light options.

· Mikado 
(322) 226 0017
This Japanese restaurant offers different options to go through UberEats.

Click here to find the second part of this list.

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