Vallarta Bird Festival Activities Revealed

Vallarta Lifestyles
Mar. 9, 2017

Neil Gerlowski, Director at the Vallarta Botanical Garden, announced the upcoming Vallarta Bird Festival 2017 held in collaboration with the University of Guadalajara’s Puerto Vallarta Campus (CUC). The event will take place from March 10 – 12 at both the university campus and the Vallarta Botanical Garden.

The festival will celebrate birds and offer various talks, conferences, initiatives and workshops. This year’s highlight will be the Mexican premiere of sculptor Todd McGrain’s documentary ‘The Lost Bird Project’, where he relates his mission to install memorial sculptures of some extinct bird species from North America in the places where they used to live. The documentary will be screened on March 10 at 1:00am at the university campus and again on March 11th at 11:00am at the Vallarta Botanical Garden.

Todd McGrain will be present during the two projections at the festival, where he is expected to answer questions from the public. Todd McGrain’s visit to the festival can serve as inspiration for the installation of one of his sculptures in our region.

The Vallarta Bird Festival 2017 is aimed at both bird enthusiasts and the general public. Admission for the activities held at CUC will be free of charge and those taking place at the Vallarta Botanical Garden will have a $150 pesos admission fee. You will find the Vallarta Bird Festival Activities Agenda below.

For more information, call (322) 223-6182 or visit the Vallarta Botanical Garden website www.vbgardens.org.


Agenda for the Vallarta Bird Festival 2017

March 10, 8 am • CUC Campus

Birding on Campus (Meet up at the entry to the Reptilario)

March 10, 1 pm • CUC Campus

Screening of Todd McGrain’s “The Lost Bird Project

Mini Auditorio de Rectoría, CUC Campus

March 11, 8 am • Vallarta Botanical Garden

Birding in the Forest (Meet up at parking lot, 8 am)

March 11, 11 am • Vallarta Botanical Garden

Screening of Todd McGrain’s “The Lost Bird Project

Vallarta Conservatory of Orchids

March 11, 1 pm • Vallarta Botanical Garden

Birding by Ear Workshop

Vallarta Conservatory of Orchids

March 12, 8 am • Vallarta Botanical Garden

Birding in the Forest (Meet up at parking lot, 8 am)

March 12, 11 am • Vallarta Botanical Garden

Presentation of Conservation Initiatives

Vallarta Conservatory of Orchids


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