Visit Puerto Vallarta Cup 2017 – World Class Beach Soccer

Vallarta Lifestyles
Oct. 18, 2017

The Visit Puerto Vallarta Cup 2017 kicks off this Friday, bringing the best international beach soccer circuit to Puerto Vallarta, as part of the global BSWW Tour. The sports event will be held from October 20 to 22 at the IPEJAL field (in front of the Agustín Flores Contreras Muncipal Stadium). Some of the best national beach soccer teams around the world will participate, including the host team Mexico, France, Colombia and USA. Women’s beach soccer matches will be held too, with Spain and Mexico playing against each other.

It’s the second time Puerto Vallarta hosts an elite beach soccer tournament, following the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship that was held in 2010. Visit Puerto Vallarta Cup 2017 is organised by Puerto Vallarta City Council, supported by the Tourism Board of Puerto Vallarta and Beach Soccer Worldwide, as well as the Mexican Football Federation and CONCACAF.

According to Vice-president of Beach Soccer Worldwide Joan Cuscó, “Puerto Vallarta is one of the heartlands of beach soccer, a place where the sport has always been welcomed and accommodated extremely well. The passion of the Mexican public, combined with the array of facilities and services available in the city makes for a perfect formula. We are very happy to see international beach soccer return to Puerto Vallarta.”

Admission is free. Matches are scheduled to be played as shown below:

October 20

  • USA vs France (15:45)
  • Colombia vs Mexico (17:30)

October 21

  • Spain vs Mexico * (13:00)
  • USA vs Colombia (14:15)
  • Mexico vs France (15:30)

October 22

  • Mexico vs Spain * (13:00)
  • France vs Colombia (14:15)
  • Mexico vs USA (15:30)

* Women’s match.