3 Activities to Do in Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore

Jorge Chávez
Sep. 25, 2023

Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore is a magical place that beckons travelers seeking natural beauty, adventure, and tranquility. Away from the bustling city center, this pristine region offers a unique array of experiences that will leave you enchanted. Here are three impressive things to do in this unique gem.

Explore Hidden Beaches
The South Shore is renowned for its secluded coves and hidden beaches. Some of the most iconic ones are Yelapa, Las Ánimas, and Quimixto. These natural wonders are accessible only by boat. 

Go Jungle Hiking
The lush jungles that blanket the South Shore are a hiker’s dream. Embark on a guided jungle trek and discover the region’s incredible biodiversity. You will encounter towering trees, exotic plants, and colorful birds along the way. 

Experience Beach Towns’ Charm
A visit to Yelapa, Las Ánimas, and/or Quimixto is like stepping back in time. These charming fishing villages are tranquil oases of white-sand beaches and rustic simplicity. Stroll through cobblestone streets or enjoy fresh seafood at beachfront palapa restaurants; these renowned beach towns offer a glimpse into traditional Mexican coastal life.


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