4 Water Sports You Must Try!

Estefanía Montes
May. 29, 2019

Enjoying a nice walk by the shore and even dipping yourself in the sea, are one of the favorite activities of residents and visitors. But, have you ever consider this scenario as the ideal place to be in shape during this season?

This time, we bring you 4 water sports that you can practice in Puerto Vallarta and the health benefits of each one.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) 

If you are looking for a complete activity with a light physical effort, this sport is ideal for you. The main objective of this activity is to stand up on a special surf board and navigate with the help of a paddle. One of its variations is SUP Yoga, which is practicing the different postures and breathing techniques, as you listen to the relaxing sound of the sea.

Background: even though this sport was practiced in Latin America, Egypt and Hawaii as a fishing activity, its development continued in Hawaii. Jonh Zapotocky is recognized as its founder.

Benefits: SUP helps tone up and strengthen arms, back, abdominal area and legs. It also corrects and improves the body posture, coordination, balance and relaxation.

4 water sports you must try


If you are fearless to the physical effort and you like to navigate, kayaking is a good option for you. Its main purpose is to navigate through the ocean on a kayak with a paddle. This sport allows you to contemplate the landscape, while the soft sea breeze combined with the sunshine, caress your skin.

Background: It is attributed to the Inuit tribe’s ancestors, who used the kayak to get to Alaska through the Bering Strait. However, the Scottish John Mcgregor introduced it as a sport at the end of the XIX Century.

 Benefits: Physically it strengthens the legs, arms, back and chest. Emotionally it helps to reduce the stress levels.

4 water sports you must try


If you are an extreme sport’s fan, this one is ideal for you. To practice this sport, you will need a special equipment, a windsurf board that will help you ride the majestic ocean waves.

Background: The invention of the windsurf board is associated to 6 different people: The American surfer Tom Blake (1930), the British Peter Chilvers (1958), the American couple Newman and Naomi Darby (1964) and the partners: Jim Drake and Hoyle Scheweitzer (1970). However, Mike “Thor” Horgan made the sport popular in Hawaii in 1973.

Benefits: It strengthens joints and muscles, improves the balance and body posture; and promotes the relaxation and the mental and emotional wellness.

4 water sports you must try

Scuba Diving

If you are fascinated by marine life and would like to explore the deep sea, this activity is for you. Just imagine immersing yourself into the deep blue ocean, open your eyes and find a whole new different landscape with the ocean’s flora and fauna surrounding you, all under the saline water.

Background: According to some Aristotle documents, the Greeks used to practice it since the 4th Century B. C. thanks to the first diving bells and it was apnea-like (holding the breath). Later, in 1613, the Spanish military engineer Diego de Ufano created one modified rustic equipment that was the precursor of some other variations and inventions by Pedro Ledezma in 1623. Booth of these suits were the predecessors of the diving suit created by the British Augustus Siebe. Later, in 1943, the French Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan renovated Siebe’s invention and created what today is known as the aqualung.

Benefits: Improves physical condition, lung proficiency and psychomotor abilities. Besides, it provides confidence, relaxation; and it helps control anxiety and stress.

4 water sports you must try

Where to practice: These are some places where you can practice them, in case you are interested in any of these sports.

  • Vallarta SUP & Surf
  • PV Ocean Tours
  • SUP Yoga Vallarta
  • Paddle Zone
  • Surf México
  • Vallarta Undersea
  • PV Sea Dive
  • Twin Dolpins
  • Green Lagoon Surfing
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