4º Damajuana Raicilla Festival in Puerto Vallarta

Estefanía Montes
Mar. 11, 2020

Due to the success of its first edition in 2017 the Instituto Vallartense de Cultura announced the 4th edition of the Damajuana Raicilla Festival, which will take place from March 12th to 15th of 2020 at the Cuale River Island.

This celebration is a special tribute to raicilla, one of the ancient spirits of Mexico, produced in the West Sierra and North Coast of Jalisco, that has acquired a bigger popularity by achieving the Certificate of Origin.

During the three days of this free entrance event, assistants will be able to learn more about this traditional beverage through different talks and tastings, while they enjoy projections, live music concerts and other activities that are prepared.

Thursday March 12th
Miniauditorio de la Universidad Vizcaya de las Américas (Av. Francisco Villa 799, Versalles)
10:00am – “Cuando tus consejos sepan a raicilla los tomaré” (“When your advices are raicilla I will take them”), by Memo Wulff, chef of Barrio Bistro and Fernando Castillón, raicilla master of La Lulú.
11:00am – “Sorbos de sabiduría. La raicilla en la mixología” (“Wisdom Sips. Raicilla in mixology”), by Dan Rodríguez, bartender of Di Vino Dante.

Friday March 13th
Instituto Tecnológico José Mario Molina Pasquel y Henríquez (Corea del Sur 600, Lomas del Coapinole)
9:00am– “La Denominación de Origen de la raicilla y su desarrollo económico y social” (“Certificate of Origin of Raicilla and its Economical and social Development”), talk by Jorge Luis Carbajal, raicilla producer of Hacienda El Divisadero.
10:00am – “La importancia del murciélago en el cultivo de agave” (“The Importance of the Bat in the Agave Cultivation”), by Zulema Arias, coordinator of the program Bat Friendly.

Centro Universitario de la Costa (Av. Universidad de Guadalajara 203, Ixtapa)
9:00am – “La ciencia detrás de la raicilla” (“Science Behind Raicilla”), by Dr. Dánae Cabrera, Professor of the Centro Universitario de Ciencias Biológicas y Agricultura of the University of Guadalajara.

Instituto Vallartense de Cultura (Aquiles Serdán 437, Emiliano Zapata)
6:45pm – Reception
7:00pm – Raicillera Talk: “Conversación entre maestros raicilleros y los cronistas de Puerto Vallarta y Bahía de Banderas” (“Conversation among raicilla masters and historians of Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas”)
8:15pm – Awards Ceremony to the Raicillera tradition
8:30pm – Presentation of Mariachi Navidad and courtesy cocktail tasting, prepared by Joel Ornelas, executive chef of Tintoque and Juan Jorge Cortés, owner of restaurant Pajaritos. Both will use raicilla “Arre Corazón” by chef Memo Wulff.

Saturday March 14th
12:00pm – Inaugural Ceremony
Musical Performances:
1:00pm – Marimba Versátil
3:30pm – Grupo Tajín (Latin músic)
5:00pm – La Querendona Banda Manantial
8:00pm – Colectivo Hobbie (reggae)
9:30pm – Bobui (indie rock)

Sunday March 15th
Musical Performances:
12:00pm – Trío Madrigal (boleros)
1:00pm – Los Palitos de Mascota (Mexican traditional music)
4:30pm – Mariachi Nuevo Continental
8:00pm – Ampersan (fusion)
9:30pm – Mono Blanco (son jarocho)

To learn more details about Damajuana Raicilla Festival visit its social media channels.


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