50,000 Baby Sea Turtles Released in Puerto Vallarta

Jorge Chávez
Oct. 20, 2022

So far, a total of 50,000 baby sea turtles have been released during the 2022 season (August to December).

Elements of the Patrulla Verde, in coordination with the staff of Ecología Municipal, work together to protect this species by safeguarding the nests and rescuing turtles in vulnerable situations.

Last Friday, Holi Beach was the venue where almost 2,000 baby sea turtles were released.

Biologist Idelfonso Ramos, supervisor of Environment, pointed out that this free event was attended by about 100 people, mostly children who witnessed and participated in their release.

Even with these actions, it is important to create awareness among the residents and visitors of the destination to avoid harming the adult turtles that come out to lay their eggs, so there are instructions to continue with the nightly tours of the beaches and to respond to reports in a timely manner.


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